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Town Hall Project Will Join Indivisible


February 22, 2021

Two longtime progressive allies will join forces, committing to make democracy reform a reality

Washington, DC — Two of the major constituent empowerment organizations founded in the wake of Trump’s election are announcing they will be combining forces, after four years of working in close partnership to demystify Congress and empower constituents and activists to demand accessibility and accountability from their elected officials.

Town Hall Project, the organization whose research and pathbreaking map have helped mobilize countless Americans to over 25,000 town halls and other lawmaker events, will be joining the progressive grassroots organization the Indivisible Project. The two organizations formed in the wake of Donald Trump’s election and emphasized public engagement as key to achieving legislative victories. Both have named fixing democracy and championing major structural reforms as priorities in the post-Trump era.

“Town Hall Project was founded on the belief that regular dialogue between Americans and our elected leaders is essential. We still believe that to our core. But after the direct assault on our democracy of the last several months -- and the challenges ahead -- we know it's going to take more,” said Nathan Williams, executive director and co-founder of Town hall Project. “American democracy needs serious reform, and there's no time to waste. For the last four years, we have been proud to empower the Indivisible network with our volunteer-powered rapid event research -- and we are thrilled to see that work grow and thrive fully incorporated into Indivisible's vital mission of fixing this democracy we all love so much.”

The Town Hall Project’s core work to publicize public officials’ event information will continue under Indivisible, as will many of its tools and resources. Two staff will be joining Indivisible’s Organizing Department to lead this work, continuing to collaborate with Town Hall Project’s powerhouse network of volunteer researchers.

Town Hall Project's founders will independently maintain several spin-off projects, including the Town Hall Pledge and People's Whip Count.

Mutual Aid Hub, which Town Hall Project created in March of 2020, will be led by the organizers at Ground Game LA.

“Indivisible is thrilled to be joining forces with one of our oldest and closest partners. Town Hall Project has revolutionized how constituents engage with their representatives over the past four years, empowering countless Americans to flex their constituent power and stop some of Trump’s worst policies,” said Matt Traldi, managing director of the Indivisible Project. “Indivisible activists have relied on Town Hall Project’s map and tools from the very beginning; together, we stopped TrumpCare, we built the blue wave, and now we’re fixing our democracy. By integrating our staff and resources, we are investing in the Indivisible network, and in our shared mission of winning a real democracy -- of, by and for the people.”

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Press Contacts

Nathan Williams, Town Hall Project

Emily Phelps, Indivisible