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Relational Organizing to grow your group and increase your local impact!

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    The Empower app puts relationships at the heart of organizing. Groups or individuals leverage the power of personal relationships as trusted messengers. By reaching out to people who are often left out of traditional outreach tactics, you will build real power with your own contacts and a movement that is sustainable beyond the next election.

    After numerous cycles in the field, Empower knows what works and has the results to prove it.
    All Indivisible groups will be designated a coaching specialist from the Empower team who will build a relationship with you and your group. Empower’s goal is to meet your unique needs and provide direct support as you navigate all aspects of your Relational Organizing program. Through regular one-on-one coaching sessions and guidance on best practices, getting started and writing your organizing plan doesn’t have to be done alone. By building partnership and navigating hurdles along the way, your coaching specialist is invested in your success and is here to help.

    If Empower sounds like the app for you, click on the “Sign up now” button below. You’ll answer a few short questions. Shortly after you’ve submitted your form, you’ll receive a follow up email connecting you with your Empower trainer so that you can get started using this amazing tool right away!

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    Empower puts Relational Organizing in the palm of your hands!

    Sign up for Empower and use Relational Organizing skills to grow your local power!

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      Want to pump up your voter engagement plans?

      Our Voter Engagement Tactics Guide is a detailed resource that walks you through each step of building out your own custom voter engagement plan. It discusses setting your goal, planning your strategy, and choosing the tactics that will work best for you and your group to connect with voters at the local level, get them the info they need, and turn them out to vote and make their voices heard.