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Level up your group’s events with this easy to use event management tool!

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    Mobilize is a volunteer and event management platform. Its easy-to-use website allows you to create pledge forms, invite people to take online actions, and recruit for and manage your events. It’s also a hub of progressive actions - many campaigns and organizations use Mobilize. When someone goes to the Mobilize homepage, it’ll show them all kinds of events near them - including yours once you get started!

    This tool is incredibly helpful to groups who are trying to quickly organize and publicize their events. Mobilize is a real hub for progressive organizing and is a great place for new volunteers to find your events organically or through Mobilize’s engaging link or filter system. You will also be able to connect your Mobilize events automatically with your Everyaction account, that way you’ll never have to manually enter signup and attendance data again! 

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    Sign Up for Mobilize and Start Organizing Your Group

    Organizing your events has never been easier! Get a comprehensive event management and volunteer recruitment tool with no technical experience needed.

    • Presentation: Mobilize Overview

      Mobilize is designed to be easy to use platform that helps you recruit new group members and communicate with them easily. Learn about how Mobilize can help you create, manage, and recruit for events, and MORE!

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    • Video: Mobilize Overview

      So what is Mobilize? Put simply, it’s a volunteer and event management platform. It’s an easy-to-use website that allows you to create petitions and pledge forms, invite people to take online actions, and to recruit for and manage your events.

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    • Speak to Indivisible Staff About Mobilize

      Are you interested in Mobilize, but not sure if it is the right fit for your group? Or would you like to talk to someone to work through a problem you are having on the platform? Schedule some time to talk to Indivisible staff!

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    • Indivisible Mobilize Guide

      Written by Indivisibles, this comprehensive guide describes how to use the tool with groups in mind.

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    • Official Mobilize Onboarding Guide

      Useful how-to links and videos provided by Mobilize to help you get started!

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    • Video: Mobilize Support

      Mobilize provides a video playlist that will help you create a virtual volunteer action, create a shifted virtual event, export information, and use promotions.

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    • Official Mobilize Support

      Visit Mobilize's help desk that provides advice, guides, and answers from the Mobilize Team.

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