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Use VAN to reach voters across your state!

VAN is the premier voter engagement tool used by candidates, campaigns, and progressive organizations like Indivisible to reach voters at the doors and on the phones, to empower them to use their voice and create real, lasting change for their communities and the country about the issues that matter to them and the candidates who will deliver on those issues.

Our Data staff can set up your phonebank or canvass, train you and your group, and follow up with best practices so that you can effectively achieve your group goal. Whether you want to connect with other progressive voters, persuade folks about upcoming legislation or elections, or encourage them to vote, there is staff available to support your work. 

VAN is a powerful tool, and if you are a tech-savvy person who wants to dig into the data, you can sign up for admin access. As an admin, you can learn how to create your own canvass or phonebank, explore the full voterfile and analyze your program in real-time. Deepen your understanding of your turf so that you can effectively prepare successful programs.

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Use VAN to talk to voters at the door and on the phone about the issues that matter to them, what’s at stake on the ballot, and the candidates who will help us bring about real change. Digital tools and real-time automatic collection of data make it easy to engage voters again and again!

  • Creating Your Action ID and Resetting Your Password

    Here’s where you can learn all you need to know about Action ID: What it is, how to sign up for it, how to reset your password, and who to reach out to if you have issues with your Action ID.

    Step 1
  • Bulk Uploads: How To, Admin Functions, and Troubleshooting

    Learn how to perform and complete a bulk upload, admin functions available in both VAN and EA for bulk uploads, and troubleshooting issues with a bulk upload.

    Step 2
  • Creating, Saving, and Editing Lists and Searches

    Creating, editing, and maintaining lists and searches in VAN (MyVoters) and EA (EveryAction) is essential to the work we do in these tools.

    Step 3
  • Data Best Practices and Data Analyzation

    On this page, we’ll go over Data Best Practices that we recommend all groups make a part of their regular data routine.

    Step 4
  • Voter Engagement Tactics Guide

    The VET Guide is a detailed resource that walks you through each step of building out your own custom voter engagement plan. It discusses setting your goal, planning your strategy, and choosing the tactics that will work best for you and your group to connect with voters at the local level, get them the info they need, and turn them out to vote and make their voices heard.

    Step 5