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Map of the United States with Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina highlighted

Crush the Coup External link

MAGA has a plan to steal the election in 2024. We’ve identified the 29 most critical races in 6 states that we need to win to defeat the MAGA coup. We have to stop them, today.

Give No Ground logo

Give No Ground External link

We’re pulling out all the stops to turn the election into a referendum on GOP extremism and to defend the majorities that we built. We’re going to Give No Ground. But, we need your help.

President Biden signing an executive order

Let's Go Joe External link

Since taking office, the Biden administration has rolled back some of Trump’s harmful policies, but undoing what Trump did isn’t nearly enough. We need the Biden administration to go beyond just undoing harm and to focus on proactive, affirmative progress.