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Demand Your Representative Co-Sponsor the Jones Court Expansion Bill

For decades, Republicans and dark-money groups have dedicated themselves to the complete takeover of our federal judiciary. They’ve successfully installed hundreds of far-right extremist judges -- a trend that only escalated under Donald Trump. Together, Trump and Mitch McConnell successfully confirmed over 200 judges to the federal judiciary, including three Supreme Court justices. Trump may be gone, but his judges will be on the bench for the rest of their lives, working to overturn any progressive legislation passed throughout the country.

Every single issue we care about will be challenged in court. That’s why we must act now to unrig our courts before it’s too late. Our court reform agenda contains four pillars that we can achieve through simple legislation -- no Constitutional amendments needed. The four pillars are: 

  • Supreme Court expansion
  • Expansion of the lower federal courts
  • Term limits for Supreme Court justices
  • Improved ethics and transparency requirements for Supreme Court justices.

The most important of these reforms is Supreme Court expansion. The current 6-3 conservative majority is an urgent threat to our democracy, which means we need an urgent solution. 

Rep. Mondaire Jones’ bill, the Judiciary Act of 2021, offers that solution: adding four seats to the Supreme Court. Despite what you may hear, this is not a Democratic power grab. As you’ll recall, Mitch McConnell held open one Supreme Court seat for over a year to prevent then-President Obama from filling the vacancy and instead allowing Donald Trump to instead. Most recently, in October 2020, McConnell rammed through the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just 8 days before Election Day, and after tens of millions of people had already voted. McConnell’s radical maneuvers over the last four years brought us to this point. It is not a power grab in any sense of the word to undo the damage caused by Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

And it’s not just the overt theft of Supreme Court seats by the GOP -- these justices are extreme. These are justices who have refused to say whether climate change is real, whether systemic racism exists, whether pregnant people have a right to have a say in their own reproductive healthcare, who think the Second Amendment is a “disfavored right,” and who have dedicated their careers to stripping Black and brown people of their right to vote. And don’t even get us started on Brett Kavanaugh.

Again, Supreme Court expansion is not a power-grab. It is necessary to restore balance to the court after four years of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell’s anti-democratic attempts to take over our judiciary. The Supreme Court is only legitimate as long as we can trust that the justices are fair arbiters of the law and constitution. After four years of Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, we’re no longer confident that it is. 

We must expand the Supreme Court. Check to see if your representative is a co-sponsor on the Judiciary Act of 2021. If they’re not a co-sponsor yet, call them and demand they sign onto the bill. 

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Tell Your Representative to Co-Sponsor Rep. Jones’ Court Expansion Bill

Hello, I’m a constituent from [city] and I am calling to urge Rep. [NAME] to co-sponsor the Judiciary Act of 2021, Rep. Mondaire Jones’ bill to expand the Supreme Court by four seats. Far-right dark money groups have been rigging our courts for decades, and Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have stacked the bench with extremists who are beholden to special interests and the GOP. As a result, I have lost confidence that the Supreme Court is a fair arbiter of justice in this country. Expanding the Supreme Court will undo the damage that has been done and would restore faith and trust in the institution.  

Supreme Court expansion is just the first step in ensuring our judiciary is a fair, objective body that represents the constitution and the rights of the American people. Will [Representative] co-sponsor the Judiciary Act of 2021? We must unrig our courts before it’s too late. 

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Your call to support court expansion makes all the difference! Call as many times as you can today and tell all your friends to call as well!

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