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EveryAction: Software to Build your Group's Power

EveryAction (also known as EA) is, at its core, a volunteer and event management tool. It integrates with our voter contact tool, MyVoters (also known as VAN), so groups can combine information from their membership lists with the data that lives in the national voter file.

Groups will be able to do the following using EveryAction:


  • Track information about their members. The more information groups have about their members, the more efficient their organizing will be. For example, a group might survey its members about which types of actions they are willing to do (canvass, phone bank, etc.). If the group then enters the responses into EveryAction, group leadership can pull a list of people who live in specific legislative districts and are willing to canvass. In EveryAction, groups can track: Contact information, address, issue interests, group role, survey responses and more.
  • Track events. We all have experienced the situation where many of the people we invite to events do not show up. EveryAction’s event functionality empowers groups to see patterns in event attendance. For example, groups would be able to answer the question, “Who regularly shows up to monthly meetings but never attends an action?” Asking this type of question equips groups to develop robust capacity-building plans. In EveryAction, groups can track: Invitees, locations, and status (scheduled, confirmed, completed, etc.).
  • Create phone banks for volunteer and event recruitment. Research shows that reaching out by phone to confirm RSVPs is one of the most effective ways to increase folks’ attendance rates—and this also nudges them to stay more involved with groups. EveryAction allows groups to create Virtual Phone Banks (VPBs) of RSVPs to make those confirmation calls. For example, a group can pull a list of people, segmented by certain criteria. They can then call these people in EveryAction using a Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) to ask them to attend an event. Invitees would be scheduled into the event through VPBs. Previously scheduled invitees can be called to confirm attendance.
  • Have events show up on Indivisible’s map. When an event is created in EveryAction, groups will be able to have that event show up on our map. When individuals sign up for these events on the map, their information will automatically go into the EveryAction event for tracking. Groups can then make confirmation calls to those individuals, increasing rates of attendance.
  • Email group members. Groups will be able to pull a list of members and email them from EveryAction. This can include event invites, regular newsletters, and other types of messaging. Groups will have access to this functionality at the last training of the cohort.
  • Reporting. EveryAction has robust reporting tools accessible to all users. Groups can see summaries of event participants, responses to survey questions, and information tracked through “activist codes” (such as issue interest).

EveryAction Application Process

First, groups must fill out the EveryAction Application.

Once their application had been approved, the primary group leader will be sent a form with their individual User Agreement. This form also contains a place to sign the option Data-Sharing Agreement for the group. Folks can see the text of the User Agreement here and the Data-Sharing here.

Once this form is returned, the group’s committee will be created, as well as the primary GL’s account.

Other users for this account will be sent a User Agreement. Once they have signed, their accounts will be created.

Indivisible staff hold office hours every Tuesday from 6-8pm MT. Users will be invited to this event.

EveryAction Resources

EveryAction themselves recorded three videos to help group leaders get started using the tool.

EveryAction also provides trainings for the community. It is important to note that Indivisible does not provide all the functionalities covered in these trainings.

Finally, Indivisible provides additional documentation through our help desk, Kayako. There is also a feature in Kayako where users can email questions to Indivisible staff.

Earlier in the year, Indivisible staff held webinars to give group members an overview of the tool. Two of those records are below.