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GROW Grant News & Updates

Announcing the April 2024 Award Recipients

For the April 2024 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Lambertville New Hope / NJ
Project Name: "IONJ Convening - hotel & transportation costs"
Indivisible One New Jersey (IONJ) organized a statewide convening bringing together Indivisible groups from across New Jersey for networking, training, and community building. The agenda includes informational sessions, team-building exercises, and voter engagement tactics aimed at enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of participating members. With grants covering expenses for at least 42 attendees–including meals, meeting space, some groups' travel and lodging, and audiovisual needs for the initial two days–the convening sought to strengthen relationships among Indivisible groups, equip members with new skills, and foster collaboration for progressive activism across the state.

Lower Columbia Indivisible / WA
Project Name: "Postcard Writing for Voter Outreach/GOTV Efforts"
Lower Columbia Indivisible will lead a coalition of groups in a project aimed at engaging rural constituents in CD03 through postcard-writing events. The goal is to engage in the upcoming elections while expanding the groups' presence in WA3 by attracting new members through these events. By addressing and mailing 600 postcards before the August primary, tracking new member attendance, and monitoring election results through the Cowlitz County Elections office, the project aims to bolster community involvement and contribute to election efforts.

Indivisible Florida-13 / FL
Project Name: "Indivisible FL13  and Allendale United Methodist Church Social Justice  Committee  GOTV Event"
Indivisible Florida-13 will collaborate with the Social Justice Committee of Allendale United Methodist Church to host a post-Sunday service gathering on May 19th, aiming to engage congregants in the 2024 election effort. By cosponsoring this event and utilizing tools like the Indivisible Neighbor 2 Neighbor Relational Organizing tool and voter registration badges, they aim to rebuild partnerships with grassroots groups like Fired Up Pinellas and strengthen participation within the Florida For All BIPOC Coalition, thus promoting civic engagement and GOTV involvement. This initiative also leverages resources from their previous GROW Grant-funded “People Powered Elections” events to amplify outreach efforts through both in-person gatherings and social media.

Indivisible Greater Vancouver/ WA
Project Name: "Pizza and Postcards"
With this grant, Indivisible Greater Vancouver aims to increase active volunteer membership and postcard-writing efforts to counter MAGA influence, with nearly 1000 postcards written in the last month alone. Their membership drive, fueled by feedback and community-building efforts, has attracted several new volunteers and garnered support from Clark County MoveOn. Utilizing Facebook, email, and word of mouth, they promote their events and emphasize the effectiveness of offering dinner in after-work settings to foster connections and sustain engagement among regular and new members.

Indivisible Massachusetts Coalition / MA
Project Name: "Indivisible Mass Coalition Annual Convening"
The Indivisible Massachusetts Coalition's Annual Convening aims to gather as many Massachusetts Indivisible groups as possible to strengthen collaboration and connections. With a goal of at least 20 groups sending four representatives each and 30 individual participants, the event seeks to foster stronger relationships and knowledge sharing. The convening will feature three voter registration seduction and strategizing activities. Participating groups will be encouraged to learn from each other's strategies and commit to new actions to enhance their collective impact in engaging voters.

Indivisible 49 / CA
Project Name: "Tech Expenses Q3 & Q4 and Postcard Action for CA-47/CA-45"
Indivisible 49 seeks funding for technology expenses such as web hosting, Mailchimp for newsletters, and Zoom for member outreach and meeting purposes, with plans to transition to Every Action after the 2024 election. Additionally, they aim to support Orange County congressional candidates in CA-47 and CA-45 through a pro-reproductive rights postcard campaign, utilizing funds for materials and outreach efforts to bolster support for these candidates.

Indivisible OC 49 / CA
Project Name: "Letter Writing Events & UNIDOS Community Event"
Indivisible OC 49 is ramping up their Letter Writing parties, attracting new volunteers and re-engaging previous ones, serving as a vital educational and energizing platform for attendees. Their current projects include Vote Forward letters for GA and CA-45, with plans to expand to Vote Riders letters once a target state is determined: requesting funding for essential materials to support their volunteer base. They're also planning a booth at a community event organized by the Latinx advocacy group, Unidos, featuring interactive activities like rock painting and bracelets alongside voter registration efforts to educate participants about upcoming elections.

Indivisible South Bay LA / CA
Project Name: "2024 General Membership Meetings & Issue Advocacy Project"
With this grant, Indivisible South Bay LA aims to boost active engagement through General Membership Meetings featuring guest speakers like CA State Rep. Al Muratuschi and activism opportunities. They focus on issue advocacy and voter outreach, targeting nearby swing districts and purple states through letter-writing, canvassing, phone-banking, and text-banking. By providing non-partisan letters focusing on various topics of interest to their left-of-center membership, they aim to increase the number of active participants to influence local issues, lobby for progressive priorities, and support left-of-center candidates.

Rose City Indivisible / OR
Project Name: "Rose City Indivisible: Recurring Meeting Space & Member Recruitment Plan"
Rose City Indivisible plans to utilize funding to secure an accessible meeting space at Alder Commons, a supportive venue in Portland with ADA accessibility and COVID-safe practices. With this space, they aim to host regular events like postcarding sessions and fundraisers, fostering community engagement and expanding their outreach efforts to recruit new members at rallies and other events. Additionally, they plan to support BIPOC-led groups by providing occasional access to the space for aligned events, furthering their commitment to inclusive collaboration and activism.

Indivisible Mad River Valley (IMRV) / VT
Project Name: "America Runs on Biden"
Indivisible Mad River Valley seeks to educate citizens about the significant legislation passed by the Biden/Harris Administration and its positive impacts on everyday life, aiming to translate this understanding into democratic votes in November. Through the "America Runs on Biden" exhibit – an independent undertaking by the IMRV that is not coordinated with any campaign or political party – they will visually and narratively showcase the Biden Administration's work. This grant will be used to duplicate the exhibit for multiple showings and events within and outside Vermont: promoting broader education on Biden Admin’s accomplishments and increasing exposure to Indivisible's mission

Indivisible Antelope Valley / CA
Project Name: "Operation Youth to the Booth"
This grant will support Indivisible Antelope Valley's "IAV Youth Empowerment Initiative", which targets high school juniors, seniors, and college students through informative presentations, voter registration, and discussions, fostering active engagement in civic affairs. By blending modern digital outreach with traditional grassroots strategies like canvassing and community events, Operation Youth to the Booth extends its influence beyond schools, empowering non-student youth in the Antelope Valley region to participate actively in the democratic process. Through this multifaceted approach, the initiative aims to build relationships with local schools and provide youth with knowledge, resources, and opportunities for meaningful civic involvement.

Announcing the March 2024 Award Recipients

For the March 2024 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible One New Jersey, Indivisible Cranbury, and Lawrence Citizen Activists / NJ
Project Name: "IONJ Convening"
Indivisible One New Jersey (IONJ) is organizing a statewide convening bringing together Indivisible groups from across New Jersey for networking, training, and community building. The agenda includes informational sessions, team-building exercises, and voter engagement tactics aimed at enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of participating members. With the grant covering expenses for at least 42 attendees–including meals, meeting space, some groups' travel and lodging, and audiovisual needs for the initial two days–the convening seeks to strengthen relationships among Indivisible groups, equip members with new skills, and foster collaboration for progressive activism across the state.

Beaches Activists Movement / FL
Project Name: "Getting Ready for 2024 Elections- Part 2!"
Beaches Activists Movement (BAM) is utilizing a grant to organize a community summit aimed at enhancing collaboration and coordination among three Indivisible affiliates in Jacksonville, Florida, and grassroots organizations ahead of the 2024 elections. This project –a continuation of a prior GROW Grant-funded project by BAM and Indivisible Mandarin–has garnered more interest and participation than initially expected, emphasizing the significance of investing in coalition-building endeavors. The planning group, consisting of BAM, Indivisible Mandarin, and various community partners, is developing the summit's agenda, recruiting speakers, and strategizing follow-up activities, with a focus on GOTV strategies targeting BIPOC voters, young voters, and supporters of specific ballot amendments.

Indivisible Washington's 8th District / WA
Project Name: "Indivisible WA-8 2024 Postcard Program"
With this grant, Indivisible WA-8 and their Indivisible partners in the state seek to continue their successful GOTV postcard campaign. Building on past successes, they expect to send around 50,000 handwritten postcards to likely Democratic voters in the 8th Congressional District, based on a methodology proven effective by the Progressive Turnout Project. This campaign not only boosts voter turnout but also serves as a gateway to activism, allowing people–including those with disabilities–to engage meaningfully with them in the democratic process.

Snohomish County Indivisible / WA
Project Name: "Team Building/Progressive Community Event"
Snohomish County Indivisible successfully hosted a community event named "Learn How to Take Progressive Political Action (while having fun doing it!)" in 2023, attracting elected officials and fostering cohesion among long-term members. With the grant's support, they plan to repeat the event this year, potentially featuring the Washington State Attorney General and other high-ranking officials, to emphasize "The Importance of Grassroots Organizing for Strengthening Democracy." The project aims to strengthen relationships, recruit new members, and engage non-active individuals in the Snohomish County area, furthering their impact and community involvement.

Community Forward / KY
Project Name: "Revolutionary Shaker Community Collaboration"
Community Forward's “Revolutionary Shaker Community Collaboration” event aims to foster statewide collaborative power in Kentucky: gathering engaged activists from across the state to discuss collaboration strategies, Indivisible’s mission and theory of change, and the potential benefits of registering as an Indivisible group. Attendees will also participate in team-building activities focused on collaboration and community building. The event's objectives include inspiring future volunteer engagement, supporting the creation of additional Indivisible Chapters statewide, and providing attendees with informative "starter packs" on progressive policies and community organizing.

Indivisible Naperville / IL
Project Name: "Invitation to Re-engage"
Indivisible Naperville, the sole remaining active group in the Naperville area continuing the mission of Indivisible, aims to bolster its resources to expand its influence and re-engage activists from defunct neighboring chapters. With a focus on increasing their mailing list and social media presence, their project seeks to recruit new members both within and beyond Naperville–particularly in the lead-up to the November 2024 elections–amplifying their impact on local and regional activism.

Indivisible Shawnee / IL
Project Name: "Our Vote Will Not Be Eclipsed"
Indivisible Shawnee's project aims to foster collaboration and community engagement by representing shared values at large community gatherings. This grant will be used to cover the group’s contribution as they and the Indivisible Illinois Executive Board host a community event to watch the 2024 Solar Eclipse. The project's measurable outcomes include increasing voter registration numbers among attendees and raising awareness of, and potentially boosting membership in, Indivisible groups statewide. They will also make voter resources easily available for attendees, and they hope the event will foster relationships among Indivisible groups as to build potential for future collaborative efforts throughout Illinois.

Concord Indivisible / MA
Project Name: "Refresh of Concord Indivisible Website"
Concord Indivisible aims to enhance community engagement through a website overhaul funded by this grant. With a focus on increasing membership and facilitating effective activism, the project seeks to revamp the website's content and structure to better connect members with actionable initiatives, particularly in swing states. By monitoring reader activity and comparing pre- and post-upgrade website statistics, Concord Indivisible intends to optimize user engagement and adapt their approach to align with their audience's preferences, ultimately enhancing the impact of their grassroots activism.

SWIM (State Wide Indivisible Michigan) / MI
Project Name: "Register Michigan Voters Project 2024"
SWIM is spearheading a voter registration initiative targeting non-registered Michigan residents–particularly minorities, viewing it as a racial justice imperative and a means to empower marginalized communities. Based on past successes and the preference of volunteers with extensive phone banking experience, the project will utilize autodialer software for efficient outreach, aiming to replicate the 30% success rate achieved in previous voter registration efforts. By providing consistent leadership and utilizing effective outreach methods, SWIM seeks to build trust and relationships within communities, advancing its broader mission of empowerment and advocacy.

Lean Left Vermont / VT
Project Name: "Mingle to Mobilize 2024"
Lean Left Vermont plans to host an in-person social event in central VT, based on volunteer recommendations emphasizing the need for social connection and mobilization leading up to the 2024 presidential election. The project aims to bring together 75 Vermonters to update them on Lean Left activities, inspire concrete action before the election, recruit additional volunteers and leaders, and educate attendees about the efficacy of working in swing states. Goals include recruiting 10 new leaders, signing up 25 new newsletter subscribers, and educating attendees on utilizing the LeanLeft website for volunteer activities.

Rose City Indivisible / OR
Project Name: "Week of Action for Palestine"
Rose City Indivisible is spearheading a project aiming to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Palestine, particularly focusing on the Gaza Strip, which deeply affects Portland residents with ties to the region. Through fundraising events like ticket sales and art auctions, they seek to raise $2,500 for Palestinian charities, while also engaging the community through email sign-ups, postcard campaigns to representatives, and distributing informative materials like zines to combat misinformation and raise awareness about the situation. The project not only aims to provide tangible assistance to those in need but also seeks to foster community solidarity. Through this, they aim to also increase awareness of Rose City Indivisible's mission and promote community inclusiveness through combating Islamophobia and supporting Palestinian families.

Indivisible South Bay LA / CA
Project Name: "2024 Engagement & Membership Growth Project"
Indivisible South Bay LA aims to expand its membership and enhance member engagement through a multifaceted project. By leveraging various communication platforms like their website, social media, and email–platforms paid for with this grant–they seek to motivate and grow their base while organizing regular meetings with guest speakers to energize members. Additionally, since their activism involves directing efforts GOTV towards nearby swing districts and purple states,  they will utilize this grant to support letter-writing, canvassing, and phone banking to inform and turn out voters in those areas. The goal of this project is to have  a larger, more active participant base, enabling the group to wield more influence on local issues, lobby for progressive priorities with elected officials, and support left-of-center candidates in crucial elections.

Announcing the February 2024 Award Recipients

For the February 2024 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Washington's 8th District / WA
Project Name: "Indivisible Wa-8 Monthly Community Meeting Rental Space"
Indivisible Washington's 8th District will use this grant to cover facility rental costs for their Monthly Community Meetings until the end of 2024. They prioritize in-person meetings to foster community, expand membership, and spur activism. At their meetings in the coming year, they aim to bolster attendance and membership, expand team sizes across various initiatives, encourage leadership roles, and, ultimately increase member engagement in activities like canvassing.

CT Shoreline Indivisible / CT
Project Name: "Communications to Network Statewide Groups in CT"
CT Shoreline Indivisible is utilizing this grant to both purchase a Basecamp subscription for their group and to distribute hundreds of thousands of postcards–each containing information aimed at fostering activism and voter engagement. Their measurable goal is to ensure the effectiveness of their postcarding and organizing efforts with coordinating tools like Basecamp, which have already led to achievements such as the passage of the CT Voting Rights Act, expansion of Absentee Ballot access, and enactment of Early Voting laws. Moving forward, they plan to further expand Absentee Ballot access through a constitutional amendment on the upcoming ballot, with a focus on voter education.

Project Name: "Safe Vote CT"
With this grant, CT Shoreline Indivisible will renew its paid Zoom platform to facilitate weekly meetings aimed at strategizing and coordinating actions across Connecticut to enhance fair ballot access. Their group project this year involves lobbying for four key issues: protecting election workers in the CT Voter Rights Act, advocating for AI deep fake legislation in collaboration with national Public Citizen, backing legislation to prohibit foreign money in CT referenda, and conducting voter education on the upcoming ballot referendum for No Excuse Absentee Voting.

Prescott Indivisible / AZ
Project Name: "Supporting membership community building"
Prescott Indivisible plans to use this grant to provide food at their monthly general meetings, enhancing community building and accessibility. These meetings serve as a platform for members to connect, learn new skills, discuss campaigns, and address various issues such as DACA, LGBTQ+, housing shortages, and environmental concerns. By offering food and extending the meeting's open time for socializing, they aim to increase attendance and engagement among both existing and new members, as demonstrated by the positive response from attendees during their previous grant-funded activities in 2023.

Speaking Up for America/Indivisible / FL
Project Name: "Voter Registration of Technologic Adverse People in a Problematic State"
Speaking Up for America/Indivisible has developed a project to address the risks associated with voter registration in Florida. They've created a system allowing individuals to register on their phones using QR codes, but encountered difficulties with those who are unable or unwilling to use electronic devices, particularly among vulnerable populations unfamiliar with technology. With this grant, they will continue creating lanyards and QR code cards for mobile voter registration but also print paper applications for those unable or unwilling to use electronic methods and provide stamps for mailing those applications. They want to ensure accessibility and inclusivity in voter registration, while also conducting check-ins with other community leaders to gauge satisfaction with their methods.

Indivisible Grapevine Area / TX
Project Name: "Texas / New Mexico Indivisible Antiracism Coalition"
Indivisible Grapevine Area and a coalition of Indivisible groups across Texas and New Mexico are utilizing this grant to host monthly antiracism workshops and activities in both states, held to attract new members and energize existing ones. These events are part of Indivisible’s national  “Persuasion to Power” campaign, aiming to build an inclusive democracy by incorporating antiracism work. By bringing activists together and fostering connections between groups across both states, Indivisible Grapevine Area et al hope to strengthen their collective power and make their activism more inclusive.

Washington Indivisible Network (WIN) / WA
Project Name: "WIN Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Workshop Series - 2024"
The WA Indivisible Network (WIN) is utilizing this grant to provide educational opportunities on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics to group leaders and members, emphasizing an anti-racism lens. Following successful partnerships with national trainers in previous years, WIN has chosen local DEI consultants, Lillian Hawkins and LaTricia Kinlow, who facilitated impactful training sessions during a statewide Leadership Gathering in Fall 2023. This led to a strong desire among participants to extend this learning to leaders statewide. With this grant, WIN plans to fund three 90-minute workshops focusing on recognizing implicit bias, understanding intersections of identity, and addressing racial microaggressions, aligning with their advocacy efforts to empower grassroots organizers for a more inclusive democracy.

Indivisible Metro East / IL
Project Name: "Indivisible Metro East partnering by mobilizing our Metro East community to join Illinois Poor People's Campaign Assembly at our Statehouse on March 2nd"
Indivisible Metro East aims to expand its reach and impact by recruiting more active members and enhancing its capacity to engage with marginalized communities in East St. Louis and across Illinois. Utilizing these grant funds, they plan to provide transportation for members to attend the Poor People's Campaign Assembly at the State Capitol and conduct tabling events to raise awareness about Powering Progress, voter education, and recruitment efforts. The project's measurable goals include engaging 40 new members at the rally/event and cosponsoring the Illinois Poor People's Campaign Moral March and Assembly, aiming to engage with at least 60 individuals to educate them on important issues and recruit new participants.

Engage Long Island / NY
Project Name: "Garden and Give"
Engage Long Island's Garden and Give program involves hosting an annual planting event where volunteers receive vegetable and herb seedlings to grow in their own gardens, later donating the produce to local food pantries. The program has seen significant growth, doubling its participating members last year, and aims to expand further by partnering with the Babylon Huddle Indivisible group to reach more areas of Long Island. The Garden and Give not only addresses food insecurity by providing fresh produce but also fosters community engagement: the program increased participation and collaboration among diverse members within the group since its start. Ultimately, this will benefit the organization's broader civic efforts leading into the November election season.

Indivisible Lambertville New Hope / NJ
Project Name: "ILNH 2024 Deep Canvassing Initiative"
Indivisible Lambertville New Hope is implementing a Deep Canvassing program aimed at voters in NJ07 and PA01, highlighting the impact of voting on loved ones and emphasizing leading from love rather than hate. The project, funded by this grant, includes training 50+ canvassers, 10 Story Coaches, and launching 10+ canvasses to increase voter turnout in the targeted districts. Additionally, this grant supports the group’s technical infrastructure needs, enabling ILNH to focus more on Deep Canvassing and less on fundraising, with the long-term goal of building capacity within local groups for sustained canvassing efforts.

Announcing the January 2024 Award Recipients

For the January 2024 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Worcester MA / MA
Project Name: "Indivisible Worcester 2024 Kickstart Funding"
: Indivisible Worcester MA plans to utilize funds for various needs they have as they prepare different initiatives in 2024. One expense was for their annual Zoom membership to facilitate the organization and hosting of ACLU's Worcester BIPOC to the Ballot Box initiative. Additionally, the funds will be allocated to printing the Worcester Mini-Guide to the 2024 Primary & General Elections for distribution at Farmer's Markets, along with materials from the Falmouth Gun Safety Coalition on gun safety. If sufficient funds permit, the organization may also print signs and forms for various initiatives around the debt ceiling and reproductive rights.

Voting For Our Lives Indivisible / AZ
Project Name: "VFOL Digital Infrastructure"
Voting For Our Lives Indivisible is being relaunched with a new leadership team, emphasizing the need for efficient organization and information sharing. While building a sophisticated organization internally with various web technologies to organize data and member communications, externally they will use this grant to build a web presence to raise community awareness and facilitate donations and engagement: using tools like Zoom Pro for meetings and Canva Pro for digital design needs.

Screven Forward / GA
Project Name: "Rural Progressive Leadership Summit"
Screven Forward's project aims to enhance voter participation and civic engagement in Southeast Georgia by collaborating with and training local leaders. The initiative targets at least 50 progressive leaders in Statesboro, Georgia, who will organize community events such as voter registration drives and education projects. The project will foster collaboration with non-partisan organizations like NAACP local chapters, Black Voters Matter, and Twelve Tomorrow to collectively advocate across issues and demographics within Georgia’s rural communities.

Indivisible DuPage / IL
Project Name: "DuPage Democracy Trivia Night"
Indivisible DuPage is hosting a one-time, "DuPage Democracy Trivia Night" on February 21, 2024, aiming to connect with members in person and enhance engagement for the upcoming 2024 elections. The event offers a learning experience, networking opportunities, and a chance for attendees to explore how they can actively participate in the elections. Participants can enjoy food, fun, and political trivia with the added incentive of prizes.

Indivisible-RISE Newburyport / MA
Project Name: "The Young Vote Project"
 Indivisible-RISE Newburyport aims to bridge the generation and information gap within its predominantly older membership by informing them about the priorities and perspectives of voters under 30. Recognizing the importance of understanding younger voters for the 2024 elections, the project seeks to enhance volunteer effectiveness in increasing voter registrations and turnout. By showcasing the film, The Young Vote project, for its members in a public forum, the project also aims to attract younger participants and diversify the group, helping them amplify their impact on critical issues and elections.

Indivisible GA 04 / GA
Project Name: "Indivisible Georgia 04 - GOTV Presidential campaign - Part 1"
Indivisible GA 04 is undertaking a project focused on canvassing in historically low voter turnout areas to engage and educate communities on key issues. The primary measurable objectives include increasing voter turnout and tracking the number of canvassing events conducted from late summer leading up to the election. Additionally, the project involves participation in various community events in the period leading to the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign.

Indivisible South Bay (L.A.) / CA
Project Name: "2024 Vote Forward Letter Writing"
This grant will be used to purchase postage for the group to use for GOTV letters-writing with Vote Forward. They aim to write 20,000-25,000 letters to voters in both Arizona and California elections this year.

Indivisible OC 49 / CA
Project Name: "Finalize Voter Registration Postcard Action with Indivisible49; Campaign Kickoff for March 5th Primary; & Vote FWD letters to NY-03 for special election"
Indivisible OC 49 is finalizing a Voter Registration Postcard Action targeting women aged 30-60 with pro-reproductive rights messaging and encouraging them to vote ahead of the March 5th primary. They're also organizing a Campaign Kickoff event for the primary, featuring an Activism 101 presentation and interactive activities like rock painting and live music, to engage area activists in various direct actions such as canvassing and social media outreach. Additionally, they're collaborating with Democracy Forward, Long Island on a GOTV Letters project aimed at educating voters about the NY-03 special election.

Important Information for the November 2023 Application Round

Our last application round for 2023 will be in November. 

The application deadline is November 21st at 11:59 PM EST. 

November 2023 applicants will be notified of award decisions on December 5th – delayed due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

IMPORTANT: In the November round, GROW will only be able to consider proposals for funding if they are 501(c)3 compliant: meaning they do not involve any partisan election activity or legislative lobbying.

  • To clarify further: in the November round, we will not be able to award any projects focused on or that may include: 
    • promoting candidates or legislation,
    • invited candidates or their campaign staff,
    • encouraging people to vote for certain candidates or political parties–including any GOTV postcarding that mentions candidates or political parties  
    • any events or gatherings where groups will plan or recruit for their activities meant to help get certain candidates elected,

Please email if you need to verify that a GROW proposal fits into the 501(c)3 parameters and will be considered during the November 2023 round. 

Looking to 2024: The GROW Program will continue in 2024! We will post an update here and inform Group Leaders and Treasurers of when we plan to reopen the program in early 2024.

Announcing the October 2023 Award Recipients

For the October 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Asheville/WNC /  North Carolina
Project Name: "Politics and Postcards"
This grant will reimburse Indivisible Asheville/WNC for a project they recently executed involving monthly tabling events where participants wrote postcards advocating for progressive causes, specifically the expansion of Medicaid coverage in North Carolina. The community stands to benefit from this expansion, providing good healthcare coverage to approximately 600,000 North Carolinians. The project also contributed to the group's growth by fostering positive impressions of the organization, as participants enjoyed engaging in activism, and by expanding their newsletter subscriber list, resulting in a larger follower base willing to participate in future activities led by Indivisible AVL.

Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle / New York
Project Name: "Welcome Letter Writers"
Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle's GROW grant-funded project focuses on a massive and recurring letter-writing campaign during election cycles. The project targets swing states, mailing thousands of non-political letters to encourage voter turnout. Beyond the core Huddle group, letter-writing materials are distributed to pick-up points at Huddle members' houses– promoted through emails to hundreds of people–and supplemented by events at the public library. The goal is to engage non-activists who prefer to contribute from home, using letters generated by Vote Forward and postcards from Bethlehem Indivisible while ensuring compliance with Indivisible distributed funds guidelines. The project's continuing success is shown in the increased number of letters written over the past three years. They attest these efforts foster community engagement and grassroots efforts to encourage voter participation.

Activist Afternoons / Massachusetts
Project Name: "Activist Afternoons"
With this grant, Activist Afternoons aims to provide a weekly opportunity for inexperienced volunteers to engage in civic activism and support progressive values. The project facilitates learning about various organizing activities in the region, their interconnectedness, and effective advocacy strategies. Participating organizations, including Swing Blue Alliance and MassCare, set up tables with materials in a common space for volunteers to take action, such as writing get-out-the-vote postcards and making phone calls to promote single-payer healthcare. The initiative also prioritizes inclusivity by offering accessible space and featuring groups led by people of color, like the National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls.

Indivisible Hawaii / Hawaii
Project Name: "Indivisible Hawaii"
With the help of this grant, Indivisible Hawaii initiated a statewide effort to connect and strengthen groups, formalizing them as part of Indivisible Hawaii (IH) and establishing statewide issue teams. Focused on growth and impact, they plan to build outreach to individual organizations and join coalitions across all islands. Recognizing the need for improved infrastructure, IH has chosen Hubspot to enhance operational efficiency, allowing them to grow membership, increase impact, and better organize content. Previously operating with an outdated web presence and relying on old spreadsheets, this project aims to modernize communication tools and platforms for internal coordination among IH's distributed team.

Lower Cape Indivisible / Massachusetts
Project Name: "LCI Building Capacity for the 2024 Election"
With this grant, Lower Cape Indivisible is expanding its postcard-writing initiative to encourage voter registration and turnout, having already sent 53,000 postcards by mid-2023. Additionally, recognizing the limitations of their current website, they aim to use this grant to enhance its functionality to provide information on rallies, events, and political developments, with a goal to increase capacity for 2024.

Williamsburg JCC Indivisible / Virginia
Project Name: "Williamsburg JCC Indivisible Annual Leadership Gathering"
This grant will support Williamsburg JCC Indivisible in its efforts at developing a strategy for the group's path forward in 2024–with a particular emphasis on leveraging a new email platform implemented in 2023 and planning the effective use of social media platforms. The project also involves revitalizing the Leadership Team, defining a succession plan, and brainstorming self-care activities to prevent burnout and attrition, recognizing the need to grow their ranks for the crucial 2024 election. The group, in existence since January 2017, aims to ensure its sustained activism in safeguarding democracy..

Indivisible Metro East / Illinois
Project Name: "Indivisible Metro East Spring Recruiting Event and Capacity Building"
Indivisible Metro East aims to enhance its capacity, engagement, and inclusivity through a multifaceted project. This project includes a tabling event at the Illinois Reparations Committee's "Equity Matters: Your Voice, Your Illinois," focusing on voter and issue education and recruiting. Additionally, a recruiting event in another community will follow, and a social gathering will emphasize the group's commitment to accessibility, building relationships with marginalized communities, and overcoming barriers to participation, fostering diversity and inclusivity in advocacy. The funds awarded to them will facilitate the recruitment and reactivation of like-minded community members, improve visibility in the region, and enhance accessibility, equity, and inclusivity.

Announcing the September 2023 Award Recipients

For the September 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Bethlehem NY Indivisible / New York
Project Name: "Welcome New Dems Letters"
Bethlehem NY Indivisible aims to enhance its organizational capacity and community visibility as a progressive grassroots group by sending monthly welcome letters to newly registered voters in the Town of Bethlehem. With a well-established system in place for the past 10 months, the initiative has resulted in a growing number of new members. The organization plans to extend this outreach to every new voter in the town, anticipating increased membership that will enable them to engage in more electoral and advocacy work, particularly in preparation for the critical year of 2024.

Postcards + Politics Indivisible / Florida
Project Name: "Postcards + Politics Indivisible - Tallahassee capacity building"
This grant will be used to purchase a Zoom account for their regular meetings

Wright County Indivisible / Minnesota 
Project Name: "Powering Progress IRA Promotion"
Wright County Indivisible is expanding its existing campaign to highlight the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act. They are collaborating with at least four Indivisible groups to accomplish their primary goal of showcasing the positive impact of government actions through public education around the Inflation Reduction Act. The project also includes a long-term objective of capacity-building: establish a collaborative infrastructure for positive messaging around the government's role in enhancing community health.

Indivisible Guilford County / North Carolina
Project Name: "North Carolina NC Wins Convening"
Indivisible Guilford County's grant-funded project aims to prepare for the 2024 Election Season by fostering collaboration among various groups and sharing successful strategies at a statewide convening.. The project will address electoral planning, voter outreach through methods like Deep Canvassing, and debunking disinformation when communicating with friends and neighbors. Additionally, they aim to establish a statewide Leadership Team to streamline advocacy efforts and prevent duplicative efforts.

Capital Region Stands Up / Pennsylvania
Project Name: "Support Pro-Education School Board Candidates"
Capital Region Stands Up aims to increase voter turnout in school board elections by targeting Democratic and Independent voters who typically do not participate in off-year, municipal elections. They plan to achieve this by sending 2000 postcards to residents in New Cumberland and East Pennsboro Township, areas where they also intend to conduct canvassing efforts. The project's success will be measured by comparing voter turnout in the specified precincts during the November 2023 election to the 2021 off-year election, and they aim to engage at least 20 of their members in the postcard initiative.

Indivisible Asheville/WNC / North Carolina
Project Name: "Powering Progress / IRA at the East End / Valley Street Community Heritage Festival"
Indivisible Asheville/WNC executed a project on August 26, 2023, during the East End/Valley Street Community Heritage Festival, focusing on the Powering Progress action. This grant will reimburse this initiative, which aims to strengthen bonds with the local Black community by increasing awareness of their Indivisible group, providing information on IRA benefits and voter support, and gaining new subscribers to their weekly newsletter. The event also involved voter outreach, assistance with voter information and registration, and efforts to acquaint people with the organization's work around civic education.

Speaking up for America/Indivisible / Florida
Project Name: "Voter Registration QR Code Lanyard Community Coalition Outreach"
Speaking up for America/Indivisible is continuing its voter registration lanyard project–now in collaboration with a growing coalition of local groups, focusing on minority and under-represented voters–in response to Florida's restrictive voter suppression laws. The coalition includes organizations such as 100 Black Men, African-American fraternities/sororities, LWVPBC, SEIU, Integrative Healthcare Systems, Palm Beach State College, and SUFA, with commitments from LGBTQ+ groups, disability-focused organizations, and eldercare facilities. The success of the Voter Lanyard project has prompted the need for additional funding to purchase more lanyards and voter registration information cards for continued collaboration with the expanding coalition of partners.

Blue CD2 NM / New Mexico
Project Name: "Podcasts for the People"
Blue CD2 NM is undertaking a project to enhance information dissemination for New Mexico Indivisible groups. Recognizing the limitations of relying solely on email and synchronous Zoom meetings for digitally literate, English-proficient audiences, they aim to leverage the popularity and accessibility of digital audio–particularly podcasts–to reach a broader community that includes those in rural or limited-internet areas. This grant will pay for digital recording materials and software, which they will also be trained on how to use for their purposes.
They plan to implement advanced tracking metrics within their podcasting platform, allowing for a more accurate understanding of listenership. They also intend for their shared podcast to help them convert listeners into active supporters through volunteering opportunities and donations.

Indivisible OC 49th / California
Project Name: "Ladera Pride & VA Vote Forward Letters"
Indivisible OC 49th is actively involved in multiple initiatives that this grant will support. The first is hosting a rock painting booth at the Ladera Pride event to counteract bullying and promote support for the LGBTQ community. Additionally, they are conducting regular Voter Registration events at Saddleback College, bringing clipboards and a tablecloth with their logo for both organizing and visibility. 
This grant will also support their separate, ongoing Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort that is currently focusing on writing Vote Forward letters for Virginia. They plan to generate 70-80 packets by the end of October..

Indivisible South Bay L.A. / California
Project Name: "2023 Vote Forward Letter Writing"
Indivisible South Bay L.A. is seeking funds solely for postage to support their canvassing and letter-writing efforts through Vote Forward. The organization, with a growing member base, plans to provide pre-printed letters, envelopes, and postage within its leadership team, ensuring that all members can participate in the initiative, regardless of financial constraints. 

California Grassroots Alliance / California
Project Name: "California Grassroots Alliance Launch"
The California Grassroots Alliance, a statewide network connecting progressive groups, is implementing a grant-funded project to rapidly and professionally launch the Alliance in the remaining months of 2023. The initiative builds on six months of research and planning by ten founding Indivisible group leaders, aiming to strengthen local groups engaged in grassroots activism across California, including red districts. The Alliance seeks to recruit diverse groups, offering a "buddy system" for personal support to encourage rejuvenation, strength, and growth through joyful activism. By uniting together, member groups gain access to shared resources, training, and ready-made toolkits on countering MAGA messaging, enhancing their collective impact on progressive policy goals.
Indivisible 49    / California
Project Name: "Branding Materials for Member Meetings, Voter Reg Activities & Canvassing"
Description: Indivisible 49 is using this grant to fund several different needs within their ongoing work. This grant will help them buy customized Bitly QR codes for Voter Engagement cards, help them purchase replacement banners intended for use in rallies and protests leading up to the March 2024 primary, and logo buttons that have proven effective in attracting new members–particularly among younger demographics. 
The project also includes the purchase of a logo tablecloth for member meetings and voter registration actions, die-cut vinyl stickers as prizes to boost volunteer engagement, and non-partisan tote bags featuring a customized voter registration QR code to facilitate both GOTV and voter registration actions.

Announcing the August 2023 Award Recipients

For the August 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible CA 45 / California
Project Name: "Empower Education Stakeholder Workshop"
Indivisible CA 45 is using a Grow Grant to organize an "Empower Education Stakeholder Workshop" aimed at uniting and empowering parents and community members in the new CA Congressional District 45 as they fight against politically motivated efforts to ban books in schools. The workshop's goal is to enhance the capacity and collaborative abilities of participating Indivisible and community groups to advocate for transparent school board meetings, challenge abuses of power by elected trustees, and contribute to broader advocacy efforts that will rebound to work they will do around the 2024 Election.

Bethlehem NY Indivisible / New York
Project Name: "WeGetOutTheVote Letter and Postcard Writing"
Bethlehem NY Indivisible, in partnership with Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle, operates the WeGOTV-NY project, which aims to encourage non-partisan voter engagement by writing letters and postcards to urge voters to participate in elections These efforts particularly target infrequent voters and historically underrepresented populations, focusing on swing states and aligning with the guidance of organizations like Vote Forward, Swing Left, and Indivisible. With this GROW Grant, the groups aim to fund this initiative further and increase civic participation while providing as an entry point for new members to get involved in political activism.

Fairfax Indivisible / Virginia
Project Name: "In Support of Public Education as a Cornerstone of Democracy"
Fairfax Indivisible's grant-funded project seeks to address the recent attempts to undermine public education for political and commercial gains. Their primary objectives are to educate teachers, school administrators, parents, and the community about critical issues affecting public education and to counter misinformation propagated by the far-right. 
With this grant, Fairfax Indivisible plans to achieve these goals through co-sponsoring an Education Conference in Richmond, VA in September 2023, producing video messages for dissemination through paid advertising and social media, and utilizing targeted ads and analytics to expand their reach and combat the erosion of trust in public schools.

Community Forward / Kentucky
Project Name: "Fundraising Mailers"
Community Forward is coordinating with growing KY Indivisible chapters to help recruit people to their meetings and grow their membership. Two of the KY groups face difficulty reaching marginalized communities due to limited Wi-Fi access. As traditional outreach methods like tabling at events are becoming less effective, they plan to employ mailers to promote their chapters, expand membership, encourage participation in government, and foster collaboration with other chapters for broader impact. The project aims to distribute postcards with meeting details and social media links to around 3000 individuals who share their values, expecting a 50% success rate in driving meeting attendance and engagement.

Indivisible Lambertville/New Hope / New Jersey
Project Name: "Powering Progressive Dance Party - Celebration and Get Out the Vote Pep Rally"
New Jersey Indivisible groups are using this grant to host a rally to promote the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act through speeches and with printed materials meant to inform and empower attendees to discuss the legislation. The event will serve as a spirited call to action, motivating individuals to engage in various GOTV activities such as canvassing, voter registration, postcard writing, phone banking, and deep canvassing, all while fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere with music and dancing. In the planning of this rally, they intend to establish a regional coalition of grassroots organizations and nonprofits focused on GOTV in the upcoming election cycle.

Indivisible Philadelphia / Pennsylvania 
Project Name: "Multi-State Postcard Project"
Indivisible Philadelphia is leading a grant-funded postcard-writing project involving four Indivisible groups across Pennsylvania and Missouri. This grant will cover the costs of postcards, USPS stamps, and shipping as they write to unregistered Philadelphia and Pittsburgh voters about upcoming elections and the importance of voter registration. This project not only strives to boost voter turnout in this year's November elections but also lays the groundwork for critical Presidential, Senate, and Congressional elections in the following year–simultaneously increasing the engagement of volunteers within the groups involved.

Indivisible Frisco / Texas
Project Name: "Indivisible Frisco Group Growth"
Indivisible Frisco is using grant funding to revitalize their organization and leverage their activist community to create a more impactful presence in 2024. They've identified a suitable "Find Your Lane" class offered by the vendor "Empowering Democracy" to align with their goals and also plan to establish a physical venue for meetings and events to facilitate in-person member gatherings. Their efforts aim to engage existing members and attract new ones, as well as to enhance the skills of their members and foster stronger connections among them through a sustainable activism class.

Hershey Indivisible Team / Pennsylvania
Project Name: "Hershey Indivisible GOTV Postcards 2023"
With this grant, the Hershey Indivisible Team is running a GOTV (Get Out The Vote) postcard project with the aim of increasing voter participation in the local elections scheduled for November 7, 2023. They plan to achieve this by sending 2000 postcards to voters in Derry Township, their home base, emphasizing the significance of school board and judicial elections and the critical issues at stake. The project not only serves as a voter engagement initiative but also promotes the Hershey Indivisible Team by directing recipients to their website for information about the group, its mission, past actions, volunteer opportunities, and election facts, Additionally, it aims to strengthen interactions among members of the 10th District Network in preparation for the 2024 congressional race.

Optimist's Resist / Arizona
Project Name: "Optimist's Resist Fall Kick-Off"
This grant is meant to fund Optimists Resist's “Fall Kick-Off” meeting in Scottsdale, AZ. This will be their first in-person meeting since their break in the Summer and, in addition to AZ public officials speaking on the work of their office, the meeting will focus on energizing the ~300 members of Optimists Resist to participate in 2023/2024 group event: setting a course for upcoming voter engagement and education initiatives.

Indivisible Ulster / New York
Project Name: "NY19Votes Coalition - Canvassing & Voter Registration Campaign"
Indivisible Ulster's project aims to prepare for the upcoming redistricting in the 19th congressional district by building an infrastructure of volunteers and leaders in areas lacking organization. They plan to achieve this by recruiting and training volunteers, highlighting GOP extremism that the last redistricting abetted, and focusing on activities like canvassing and voter registration at high-profile events across NY19.


Announcing the July 2023 Award Recipients

For the July 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Prescott Indivisible / Arizona
Project Name: "Supporting Membership Community Building"
Prescott Indivisible's grant-funded project aims to enhance community engagement during their monthly general meetings by covering the expenses for providing food at each gathering. These meetings serve as a platform for both new and existing members to forge connections, acquire new skills, and gain insight into various campaigns and pertinent issues. The inclusion of food is intended to not only attract more people to their meetings but also provide a time and setting to foster social interactions among members and new attendees.

Indivisible FL 13 / Florida
Project Name: "Scaling Up Our  Pinellas Grassroots Efforts  and Fair Districts Trial Update"
Indivisible FL 13 aims to increase community awareness regarding an ongoing federal lawsuit concerning gerrymandered districts in Florida. Their project's goal is to restore equal representation, particularly for the BIPOC community, which has lost representation specifically in Pinellas County. This initiative aligns with Indivisible's strategy to inform voters about current, inadequate representation and legislative failures: emphasizing the need for electoral change and contrasting the values of their groups with those of the existing representatives.

Indivisible Metro East / Illinois
Project Name: "Indivisible Metro East Politics in the Park and Governors Day at the Fair Outreach"
Indivisible Metro East plans to organize a project named "Politics in the Park" on August 15, 2023, aimed at celebrating and explaining the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act to educate both voters and the local community. Alongside this focus, they'll provide voter registration opportunities. 

They also intend to collaborate with Indivisibles in Springfield to establish, or revive, local groups: possibly expanding their own membership during interactions at the 2023 Illinois State Fair. They aim to take advantage of  “Governor's Day” at the Illinois State Fair to network with various elected representatives, including Senator Durbin, Senator Duckworth, and other Congresspeople to enhance their future lobbying and engagement efforts.

Indivisible Grassroots Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania
Project Name: "Back to ACTion"
Indivisible Grassroots Pittsburgh is organizing an event called "Back to ACTion" to reconnect, energize, and activate current and potential volunteers using the "New Member Pipeline." Their goal is to rally support for Indivisible initiatives like “Powering Progress” and lay the groundwork for 2024 election work. The Back to ACTion event will distribute election information and engage volunteers in both immediate and future voter registration efforts. Additionally, the project aims to expand partnerships, strengthen existing connections, and establish a broader network of collaborators for future projects.

Indivisible 49 / California
Project Name: "Voter Engagement Cards for CA-49 & Tech Expenses"
This grant will fund the creation of Voter Engagement cards for Indivisible 49 ahead of the March 2024 primary. These cards, designed like business cards, will provide essential information about the Vote Center voting system: including key dates, a QR code, and Registrar of Voters website details. The project also involves using a unique QR code to track interactions and metrics. Additionally, they're seeking funding for technology expenses related to Mailchimp and Zoom subscriptions, crucial tools for their voter outreach efforts in both San Diego and Orange Counties.

Indivisible OC 49th / California
Project Name: "VA Vote Foward Letters  & CA-49 VR Postcards"
Indivisible OC 49th is executing a grant-funded project aimed at supporting Get Out The Vote (GOTV) initiatives in Virginia using Vote Forward's 501c4 letters. They are including a Voter Engagement card in each envelope with a unique QR code to track recipient interactions. By involving their volunteers in this nationwide effort, they intend to strengthen both their political influence and group cohesion. Additionally, they're developing Voter Registration postcards for unregistered adults in their district to enhance registration rates, particularly in their politically diverse area.


Announcing the June 2023 Award Recipients

For the June 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle / New York
Project Name: "Stamps for letter writing campaign"
With this grant, Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle will purchase postage and supplies to conduct a large-scale letter-writing campaign focused on swing states during each election cycle. Their primary objective is to encourage voter turnout through the distribution of thousands of non-partisan letters through Vote Forward. The project involves engaging not only the core Huddle members but also the wider community by providing letter packets, envelopes, and stamps at various pick-up points and sharing availability details through email notifications. To further support their efforts, the Huddle hosts letter-writing events at the local library and maintains a user-friendly website with valuable voting information.

Engage Long Island / New York
Project Name: "SWAG to Engage, Build, & GROW"
Engage Long Island, formerly known as Long Islanders for Gun Safety, received a Grow Grant in March 2023 to rebrand and relaunch their organization. The rebranding effort involved new promotional materials and a Drag Story Hour kick-off event, which successfully attracted new members and expanded their reach. Now, with the aim of recruitment and community building, they plan to use this grant to purchase t-shirts and promotional items to distribute at events, as their relationship-focused approach has resulted in dedicated volunteers who are proud to represent the group.

3M Indivisible / Tennessee
Project Name: "Sweetwater Pride"
3M Indivisible and Indivisible East TN are collaborating on a project aimed at building relationships with marginalized communities–specifically the LGBTQ community in Tennessee–and increasing diversity within their groups. With this grant helping them with supplies to participate in the “Sweetwater Pride” events, they seek to enhance their group's brand in the community and with Pride event participants, build new coalitions with regional groups, and strengthen their existing relationships for future events and actions. 

Recognizing the current political climate in their state, they emphasize the importance of visibility through partnerships, particularly in rural areas like Sweetwater. Their strategy involves collecting contact information from participants, discussing important issues with potential new members, and inviting them to upcoming meetings followed by personalized email and phone follow-ups. Their main goal is recruitment and diversification, and they plan to measure their success through the number of individuals engaged during Pride events, sign-ups, email response rates, and new recruits and volunteers.

Indivisible Austin / Texas
Project Name: "Indivisible Austin, Summer Event, 2023"
Indivisible Austin (IATX) is hosting a potluck event called the "Summer Recruitment Event 2023" to bring together various organizations and community organizers to share their goals and projects, foster collaboration, build connections, and increase IATX group membership. This grant-funded event aims to recruit at least 200 new people through outreach efforts, establish a sustainable “Potluck Community” comprised of at least 5 progressive organizations where they can share joint-participation events, and recruit 5-10 new active group members who will take on leadership roles for projects and events.

Indivisible Evanston / Illinois
Project Name: “‘Blue Dots in a Red Sea’ Project"
The "Blue Dots in a Red Sea Project" is a collaboration between Indivisible Evanston and Action for a Better Tomorrow (ABT) Sauk Valley aiming to foster cooperation between Indivisible groups occupying politically diverse areas of Illinois. The project seeks to bridge the gap between "blue" and "red" areas by providing support and knowledge-sharing in hopes of developing achievable organizing plans and goals respective to the different political environments they work in. This grant will enable Indivisible Evanston to travel to Dixon, Illinois to meet with ABT: engaging with them and their community and fostering a personable working relationship.

Announcing the May 2023 Award Recipients

For the May 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Wright County indivisible / MN
Project Name: "IRA Promotion Campaign"
This grant will fund a statewide, multi-group effort by Montana Indivisibles to promote the Inflation Reduction Act through a coordinated messaging project. They seek to counter the anti-government sentiment in the state by not only educating them on the benefits that Montanans will get from the IRA but also by spreading inclusive and community-affirming values within a very conservative state. 

This campaign will involve flyers, billboards, and ads with positive messaging about the IRA. Their objectives include fostering a welcoming environment for all, promoting equity, prioritizing community needs, and holding representatives accountable. Additionally, they aim to advance social and climate justice while strengthening both governing systems and democracy to better serve the community.

Hudson Valley Strong - Indivisible / NY
Project Name: "NY18 Summit"
This grant will be used for the NY18 Summit, which aims to bring together local Indivisible groups and affiliated organizations in New York District 18 to strengthen relationships and coordinate fo future organizing in the district. Participants will form working groups focused on various topics, including direct voter contact, expanding expertise, data analysis, and effective messaging. The event seeks to energize and engage activists and voters, with attendees committing to lead messaging, canvassing, and local engagement efforts. The group plans to continue meeting, assess the success of their initiatives, encourage voter turnout, and develop a Power Map to strengthen organizing efforts in targeted areas.

Justice Advocacy Network/ FL
Project Name: "Initial Organization Start Up"
This group will be using this funding to buy supplies and equipment for booths at local community events, where they will be providing informational handouts addressing crucial issues of reproductive health education, abortion education, and LGBTQ resources. Their goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and resources they may not have access to otherwise: positively impacting the community by promoting informed decision-making, reducing health risks, breaking down stigmas, and fostering inclusivity. 

The group hopes to benefit from this project by establishing a visible presence and building strong relationships within the community.

Indivisible CA 45 / CA
Project Name: "Being Blue in a Red Environment"
This grant will help the group pay for a membership training called “Being Blue in a Red Environment”,  facilitated by the organization, Braver Angels. Through this training, the group aims to encourage participants to be more comfortable canvassing in-person, registering voters, or phone banking; they see that a large part of their outreach and engagement work is having the confidence to speak to people they don’t know and who have opposing political views.

Markers For Democracy / NY
Project Name: "Markers For Democracy Annual Technology Costs"
This grant will be used to purchase and/or upgrade the group’s annual subscriptions for Zoom, Canva, and Mailchimp, as well as pay for the domain for their group website. All of these tools aid the group’s comprehensive communication strategies.

Concord Indivisible / MA
Project Name: "Building a Volunteer Foundation for 2024"
This grant will help COncord Indivisible resume its Community Huddles program: a project they started in 2020 that involved in-person meetings and action planning during the 2020 election cycle and which had a smaller-scale restart in 2022. This funding will allow them to re-engage with “full-scale, high-energy” in-person huddles–one large huddle and two “mini huddles”–that will be a reunion for area activists and focus on preparing for the 2024 elections. 
The first large huddle, scheduled for June, will focus on national issues (such as gun safety and climate change) as well as electoral work. Later huddles will continue Concord Indivsible’s work on voter engagement and other progressive issues. Their programs will include one or two speakers to educate the community on key issues and a full menu of actions they can do on the spot or at home. The “mini huddles” will feature a single project - such as writing postcards or texting.

State-Wide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM) / MI
Project Name: "Highway to 2024: Pick Your Path To Victory"
This grant will fund the venue costs, food, AV, and participants’ housing/travel reimbursements for a conference facilitated by the State-Wide Indivisible Michigan (SWIM) groups.

SWIM’s conference agenda will feature leaders sharing stories of successful community initiatives that reached new voters and enhanced the reputation of the Indivisible brand. Additionally, expert panel sessions will discuss public education challenges, voting rights implementation, and gun violence, while nine partner groups will contribute their resources to address social justice issues in underserved and rural communities in MI.

Indivisible OC 49th/ CA
Project Name: "Logo Customization & Letter/Postcard Writing Actions"
This grant will be used by Indivisible OC 49th to pay for a graphic artist that is creating a new, updated logo for the group. Additionally, the grant will be used to pay for the letter-writing materials and postage for the group as they prepare 1,400 letters to participate in the 501(c)(3) “Arizona Vote Rider Letter-Writing” campaign.

Indivisible Metro East / IL
Project Name: "Juneteenth Celebration"
With the support of this grant, Indivisible Metro East aims to accomplish several objectives ahead of the Juneteenth holiday. The group has been co-sponsoring this significant Juneteenth celebration in East Saint Louis, IL since its founding, collaborating with other local organizations to engage predominantly Black communities. Their focus at this year’s event is on voter education, registration, and voting rights. Additionally, they plan to serve as a cooling station to ensure safety during the day-long event and attract more interest in their educational displays. The GROW Grant will enable them to demonstrate their commitment to racial equity, improve event safety and accessibility, enhance outreach efforts, raise visibility, empower more voters, and potentially expand their membership base.

Announcing the April 2023 Award Recipients

For the April 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Georgia Sixth District / GA
Project Name: "Monthly Meetups to Grow Membership and Take Action"
A grant to purchase supplies for the group’s planned, regular meetings. The group is endeavoring to hold these meetings–each with its own theme, action, or issue focus– with the goals of recruiting new members and re-engaging existing members through follow-up tactics and ongoing, frequent actions throughout the year.

Prescott Indivisible / AZ
Project Name: "Supporting membership community building"
To help grow the attendance at their monthly general meetings, this grant was used to reimburse past food purchases and acquire funding for future food expenses at these meetings.

Pamlico Progressives / NC
Project Name: "Pamlico Progressives Gatherings"
A grant to purchase media equipment and food supplies for the group’s regular membership meetings.

Civic Engagement Beyond Voting, Indivisible / AZ
Project Name: "Rural Action Summits - AZ"
This grant will be used to support expenses associated with four rural “mini-summits” that AZ groups will execute to “increase power and participation” among rural AZ organizers. These Rural Action Summits, executed by groups in the past, have worked to not only increase civic participation among these organizers but also allowed groups to develop the volunteer capacities of those who attended through follow-up and continued engagement.

Hershey Indivisible Team / PA
Project Name: "Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide Webinar"
This grant will support a Zoom-based webinar entitled "Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide" featuring speaker Anthony Flaccavento, co-founder of the RUBI, the Rural-Urban Bridge Initiative. The group’s long-term goal for this event will be to help participants foster relationships between urban, suburban, and rural Indivisible groups across Pennsylvania and  build stronger relationships across the socioeconomic barriers within the state.

Indivisible TX-24 / TX
Project Name: "TX-24 Truth Brigade Message - Down With The Dog Whistles"
The grant helped the group with expenses associated with their “Truth Brigade: Down With the Dog Whistles” event. This event taught participants about the “Truth Sandwich” messaging along with the MAGA extremists' threats to democracy across multiple topics.

Announcing the March 2023 Award Recipients

For the March 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Cranbury / NJ
Project Name: "Postcards to Voters through Reclaim Our Vote"

Description: This grant will fund a project led by Indivisible Cranbury aiming to increase Black voter turnout by utilizing post-carding, texting, and phone banking methods with support from the Center for Common Ground’s“Reclaim Our Vote” campaign. The campaign collaborates with local partners to create impactful and culturally relevant campaigns that effectively engage BIPOC voters in upcoming elections. Indivisible Cranbury has led in mobilizing its members and other Indivisible groups to write over 200,000 postcards in the last four years, encouraging voters of color to participate in local, state, and federal elections.

Indivisible Sedona / AZ
Project Name: "Hybrid Indivisible Meetings"
This grant will allow a trio of Indivisible groups in Sedona to purchase an OWL device that would allow them to conduct their hybrid in-person/digital meetings with greater audio and visual capacity than through Zoom alone. This will enhance the experience for their remote members as they interact with those attending meetings in person and help retain members who can now comfortably attend in either form.

Community Forward / KY
Project Name: "Community Street Campaign"
This grant will fund a project by Community Forward called the “Community Street Campaign”. The campaign aims to promote active engagement among rural TN populations by organizing free, community education and outreach events. These events will address progressive policies relevant to these communities, including a CBD class and discussion on medical marijuana, as well as a CPR/Narcan training class with a focus on addiction outreach and awareness. Expert speakers from organizations like the Red Cross and the state’s health departments will lead these sessions, and attendees will be encouraged to voice their support for related policies by completing postcards to their representatives and senators. 

Indivisible Philadelphia / PA
Project Name: "PA Statewide Zoom Account"
This grant will be used by the statewide Indivisible network to purchase a Zoom account to facilitate the meetings of various Pennsylvania Indivisible groups. The account will be used for group meetings and multi-group meetings.

Necessary Trouble / GA
Project Name: "Voter Education at Lower Income Senior Facilities"
Necessary Trouble's grant-funded project aims to engage lower-income seniors in the Atlanta metro area through non-partisan presentations on voting issues. The project involves delivering a pre-developed PowerPoint presentation covering topics such as voting methods, rules, and timelines specific to Georgia, along with information on polling places and upcoming ballot positions. Following the presentation, a Jeopardy game with the participants will help reinforce the material, and laptops are provided for on-site voter registration and address updates. 

The project also focuses on building relationships with facility staff to provide ongoing voting issue updates, ultimately empowering seniors to navigate Georgia's complex voting laws and enhance their democratic participation.

Optimists Resist / AZ
Project Name: "Optimists Resist - 2023 Voter Engagement"
Optimists Resist plans to utilize this grant to register Maricopa County voters while also educating and motivating them for increased civic engagement. Their strategy includes expanding their infrastructure and membership, fostering activism and commitment among members, providing civic engagement opportunities for volunteers, connecting with voters on personal issues, and emphasizing the importance of voting. They aim to enhance voter communication and efficiency by leveraging parallel engagement activities and collaborating with other organizations. Their ultimate goal is to increase voter turnout in the face of recent challenges to voting accessibility in AZ.

Indivisible OC 49th / CA
Project Name: "Letter Writing Actions - AZ"
This grant will fund a project focused on letter writing to support voter engagement in Arizona ahead of the 2023-2024 election cycle–a crucial battleground state for the US Senate, the Presidency, and significant US House races. These supportive efforts by southern CA Indivisible groups aim to ensure Arizonan voters have the necessary identification to cast their ballots through the distribution of Vote Riders letters: letters containing custom-designed Voter Engagement cards with QR codes that lead to the website for the AZ Registrar of Voters.

Announcing the February 2023 Award Recipients

For the February 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible GA 04 / GA
Project Name: “Capacity Building and GOTV”
This grant will fund the group’s virtual meeting tech expenses and their mailer/postage costs as they plan to facilitate their general meetings throughout the year with programs focused on voter education and GOTV.

Speaking Up for America/Indivisible / FL
Project Name: “Badges for Voter Registration”
"This grant will help the Speaking Up for America group to produce badges with lanyards that members will use to register voters. The badges will have QR codes leading those who scan them to the Palm Beach County voter registration page. The group will distribute these badges to their coalition of organizations that serve many minority and underserved populations. They will provide instruction to these organizations on how to use these portable voter registration tools and how to use them to register voters without violating any of Florida's new voter registration laws. The badge and lanyard will also identify the participants as voter registration deputies and open a conversation about voting and voting by mail.

Indivisible Columbia NY / NY
Project Name: “NY19 Summit”
This grant will help cover the group’s expenses contributing to the facilitation of a “NY-19 Summit” among Indivisible groups and other organizations in the district. The goal of the project will be to build relationships and begin strategy planning within a coalition of groups aiming to be effective in their future electoral organizing. 

The Vocal Seniority / OR
Project Name: “The Vocal Seniority Capacity Building”
This grant is meant to pay for the group's website development and upgrades and virtual meeting resources, as well as tabling and AV equipment for their in-person, community outreach events.

Indivisible Mad River Valley / VT
Project Name: “Progress for the People”
This grant will help Indivisible Mad River Valley to purchase supplies for an art installation promoting the organizing work of Indivisible and communicating the policy  accomplishments of the U.S. Congress and the Biden Administration. The plan is to bring their group members, other Vermont Indivisibles, and the community together to construct this art installation and organize its display in the VT capitol later this year. The goal is to inform the public about Indivisible’s organizing work and connect it to what policy has been enacted for the benefit of Vermont and the country.

Long Islanders for Gun Safety / NY
Project Name: “Rebrand and Relaunch Event”
The grant will help the group as they transition to a new name, logo, and mission for their future endeavors. This group was originally formed to organize around Gun Violence Prevention and Reform as part of the national response to the Parkland school shooting in 2018. Now, they want to broaden their mission by rebranding their name to “Engage Long Island” and, to that end, they will use this grant to buy new printed promotional materials to reflect this re-rebranding.

Sierra County Indivisible / NM
Project Name: “New Mexico Indivisibles’ Youth Artists Retreat, 2023”
A statewide-coordinated endeavor by groups in New Mexico to host the first “NM Indivisible Youth Artist Residency Program” in their long-term effort to generate unique, compelling, community-focused artwork and messages for NM groups to use as they engage their diverse and young population. 

This grant will support three parts of a year-long project. They will have virtual workshop sessions with local artist mentors and an in-person weekend consisting of panel discussions, Q&A, further mentoring, gallery tours, etc. This work would include ways of sharing progressive messaging with New Mexicans across the state and across generations, emphasizing content for social media that could be distributed statewide. The messaging would connect to issue areas such as voting, immigration/border, reproductive freedom, environmental justice, etc. 

The program would end in an art gallery showcase during a community art celebration in the Fall of 2023. The art and messaging assets would be distributed to NM Indivisible groups for both statewide- and locally-coordinated outreach, recruitment, and issue/electoral organizing. 

Indivisible Ulster / NY
Project Name: “GOTV Postcards for Wisconsin Supreme Court Election”
Joining the Center for Common Ground’s “Reclaim our Vote” campaign,  Indivisible Ulster plans to mail 90,000 postcards to encourage people to vote in the upcoming Wisconsin State Supreme Court race. They plan to use this grant to purchase postage so they can distribute the pre-made, nonpartisan postcards from the Center.

Indivisible Washington's 8th District / WA
Project Name: “Indivisible WA-8 Monthly Community Meeting Rental Space”
This grant will help Indivisible Washington's 8th District with renting facility space on a monthly, long-term bases for their regular meetings and programs.

Indivisible OC 49th / CA
Project Name: “Letter Writing Actions (WI & Others)”
Indivisible OC 49th will lead a coordinated effort of Letter Writing actions, in partnership with Vote Riders & Vote Forward, supporting GOTV efforts around the special elections this year–primarily for Wisconsin. Their Letter Writing parties will include an educational component around special election processes in different states and are intended to strengthen the community of politically aligned volunteers. The group hopes this will provide volunteers with a gateway towards broader activism with the group: phone banking, canvassing, etc. This grant will pay for postage and printing costs associated with this activity.

Williamsburg JCC Indivisible / VA
Project Name: “Williamsburg JCC Indivisible communications program”
This grant is meant to ease the financial burden for the group as they purchase and maintain an email service platform enabling their communication and coordination with their group members. It will also facilitate communication with other VA organizations and increase engagement in their independent and coordinated events.

Indivisible Ambassadors / CO
Project Name: “Meet the Candidates” events
This grant will help the group cover facility, catering, and promotional costs for their series of non-partisan “Q&A” forums hosting all candidates for two of the  Denver City Council’s open positions.

Indivisible 49 / CA
Project Name: “Technology costs”
This grant will pay for the group’s web hosting fees for the year, enabling them to maintain their public profile and informational/advocacy pages

Indivisible St Louis / MO
Project Name: “St. Patty's Day Legislative Debrief & Announcing New Partnership”
This grant will help pay for an event where they hope to celebrate their members, those of their current partner, MOEEP, and other potential partners for a post-St. Patrick's Day Legislative Debrief and look-ahead.

Indivisible St. Louis and MOEEP have been partners in lobbying and testifying around state bills. At this debrief, they will celebrate the work they have done in March fighting bad legislative bills with food and fun activities, while also inviting a new community partner, PROMO – the large Pro-LGBTQ Rights Organization doing State Legislative Work– to join their work for the first time and become a partner. 

Indivisible Antelope Valley / CA
Project Name: “Indivisible Antelope Valley Young Voter Engagement Project 2023”
The group intends to facilitate an “Indivisible AV Young Voter Project”, beginning with focus groups comprised of high-, mid-, and low-propensity voters, as well as young people (16-29), to engage their issue concerns and understand why they do, or do not, vote in elections. Then, the group plans to work with community leaders and young activists to orient their work around those discussed issues, as well as recruit young community activists to their leadership.
Through this project, Indivisible Antelope Valley hopes to raise its visibility and increase its membership, particularly among young people, since most of its members are older and are more limited in their organizing work at present.
This grant will pay for the facility space and the costs of food, swag,  and printing materials.

Indivisible South Bay LA / CA
Project Name: “2023 Vote Forward Letter Writing”
This grant will pay for the postage needed for their ongoing letter-writing and voter engagement through Vote Forward.

Indivisible Metro East / IL
Project Name: “Indivisible Metro East Spring Recruiting Event and Capacity Building”
This grant will help the group host recruitment-focused events at local venues, as well as purchase branded materials for their promotion, They will also use this grant to purchase equipment designed to make the transport of their promotional materials easier for their disabled or neuro-divergent members and volunteers. They intend to raise their visibility in the community at these events and, with the equipment purchased, recruit more active members in the process and build their capacity to host accessible events.

Announcing the January 2023 Award Recipients

For the January 2023 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Snohomish County Indivisible / WA
Project Name: “Let's Grow Snohomish County Indivisible”
Supporting their future "Come Have Coffee with Me "get-togethers held at locations around their county for the purpose of recruiting new members to their group. The group had success recruiting new members in the Summer of 2022 through these in-person events, and they want to hold more of them in an effort to reach more parts of the county and more people. 

Indivisible Grapevine Area / TX
Project Name: “Texas Indivisible Antiracism Coalition and Youth Connections Program”
Funding for the TX State Structure to provide monthly training/activity gatherings for antiracism work among Indivisible groups. 
This grant will also support their efforts to hold two "youth connection" events in 4 locations where they plan to connect with local high school students and hold exchanges with them to learn about their concerns and ideas, as well as empower them to become civically engaged (incl. voter registration). This connects with their efforts to counter MAGA extremist influences in school districts.
They are excited about Indivisible's new Race Class Narrative / IRA campaign, and the TX Indivisible Statewide Structure aims to utilize antiracism and youth connection work as part of this effort to create an inclusive democracy in Texas.

Cazenovia Call to Action / NY
Project Name: “NY 22 Summit”
The grant funded the "NY22 Summit" in Cazenovia, gathering organizations and people to "work together to organize and build political power, support the electoral infrastructure, and create a 10-year shared vision for a 'forever blue' NY22."
the summit was held on February 4th, with intended attendees including activist groups, Democratic committees, community groups, labor organizations, faith-based groups, BIPOC organizations, student groups, the agricultural community, elected officials, campaign staff, and prospective candidates.

Prescott Indivisible / AZ
Project Name: "Increasing Accessibility at Prescott Indivisible Meetings”
Paying for video conferencing systems to increase the accessibility of their regular meetings to many in their rural county who are unable to attend in person. They will also leverage this tech to invite more local officials and guest speakers to attend their meetings remotely.

Indivisible Greater Vancouver / WA
Project Name: “Grow Indivisible Greater Vancouver”
Buying both materials for future tabling events they are attending/sponsoring, as well as purchasing ads on social media to promote their group. This is all part of a membership drive they are initiating to attract new members and build their reach in the community.

Bethlehem NY Indivisible / NY
Project Name: “Welcome Letters to Newly Registered Democrats”
Funding their effort to mail letters to newly registered Democrats in the Town of Bethlehem and inviting them to join Bethlehem NY Indivisible.

Indivisible 49 / CA
Project Name: “Indivisible 49 Logo Re-design & 2023 Technology Costs”
Investing in their plans to improve their outreach and their visual impact in CA House District 49, and to also fund their tech and communication platform subscriptions.

Indivisible OC 49th / CA
Project Name: “GROW Grant - Postcarding Actions”
: Funding their postcard writing effort to support GOTV around special elections happening across the country. Their effort here will involve hosting postcard-writing events where they plan to bring in volunteers while providing education on the “electoral nuances” of individual states and communities they are targeting. 
While buying and designing their own postcards, they will be using voter contact support provided through progressive partner organizations.

Nassau Indivisible / NY
Project Name: “Long Island Grassroots Organizing Summit”
Funding supply and AV needs for NY groups as they host a grassroots organizing summit for Indivisible groups in Long Island, alongside aligned partner organizations. The goals of their summit are to build relationships, define short and long-term goals for the region, and create both an overarching issue platform and an “actionable roadmap that will build community and political power.”

Sweetwater Indivisible / GA
Project Name: “Growing Sweetwater Indivisible”
Buying technology and equipment for their “mobile units” where they intend to go around GA to register residents to vote and educate them on absentee voting rules in their state. They also plan to use these grant expenses for a future initiative intended to engage high school students through a “youth Indivisible” school club. (Note: Details on this unique initiative are forthcoming and we advise anyone interested in this kind of youth engagement effort to reach out to our Legal Team first to discuss liability assessments.)

Indivisible Austin / TX
Project Name: “Texas Grassroots Alliance Summit 2023”
Providing support for an annual summit being held among TX progressive organizations, co-hosted by TX Indivisible groups. The facilitators intend to empower organizers with new relationships, knowledge, collaborations, and networks, with the purpose being to develop and implement a plan to build progressive power in the state.

Announcing the August 2022 Award Recipients

For the August 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Safety Harbor / FL
Project Name: "GOTV in Low Voting Minority Communities-2"
Joining alongside NAACP Clearwater/Upper Pinellas County Branch, the League of Women Voters, and other community advocacy groups, the group seeks to engage in targeted GOTV within low-voting minority communities in Florida. This grant will continue funding their event material expenses, canvassing supplies, and gear so they can extend their efforts through the 2022 elections.

St. Croix Valley Indivisible / MN
Project Name: "Website for St. Croix Valley Indivisible"
This grant is to help St. Croix Valley Indivisible with their organizing capacity by funding their group’s website domain subscription and upgrading the digital elements on the site. They will also use this grant to pay for their distributed communications system so they can continue promoting their activities and events while engaging new members.

Sweetwater Indivisible / GA
Project Name: "Sweetwater Indivisible Grows August 2022"
This grant will be used to help Sweetwater Indivisible to pay for a monthly-meeting space and to purchase promotional supplies–shirts, signs, etc– in their effort to recruit new members and increase visibility through community outreach functions.

Indivisible Media City / CA
Project Name: "Freedom Writers Collaborative"
A collaborative project between groups in Washington and California, this grant will fund the software licensing and digital media for these groups as they do targeted communications advocating for issues and promoting Indivisible-endorsed Congressional candidates (independently expensed) through the 2022 midterm elections.

Indivisible South Bay LA / CA
Project Name: "2022 Vote Forward Letter Writing and GOTV"
A grant to purchase postage for use in the group’s election canvassing and letter writing through Vote Forward.

Social Justice Indivisible / PA
Project Name: "Increase Democratic turnout in targeted PA House Districts"
In partnership with other grassroots organizations in Pennsylvania, this group’s grant will fund a coordinated writing and phone outreach campaign to turn out voters in identified, flippable PA districts.

Indivisible Saint Paul / MN
Project Name: "Statewide Legislative and Political Action Coordination between Indivisible Groups"
Continued funding to develop Minnesota groups’ state legislative advocacy coordination structure: using digital tools (Basecamp) to share information and resources, and to facilitate collaboration across the state. Their capacity-building goals include promoting more effective communication and better networking among Indivisible groups, as well as expanding the impact of their actions and prompting more people to join locally.

Indivisible 49 / CA 
Project Name: "Yard Sign Branding - #DemsDeliver"
A grant to fund an independent expenditure by the Indivisible 49 group to produce yard signs and bumper stickers with an evergreen message that can be used for political promotions.

Announcing the July 2022 Award Recipients

For the July 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

BethlehemNYIndivisible / NY
Project Name: "The Mid-Term Challenge"
Funding a “WeGOTV project” led by BethlehemNYIndivisible and Progressive Schenectady and coordinated with Swing Left and other regional Indivible groups. Their project is  concentrated on wriitng letters and postcards to voters for the purpose of informing them of the specific information they need to register and vote, empahsizing the importance of voting a as function of a healthy democracy connecting such activity to communities’ quality of life.

Indivisible NWIL Crystal Lake / IL
Project Name: “GOTV 2022 Capacity Building Kick-off"
Funding a GOTV Kick-Off event focused on recruiting and training new volunteers to do outreach to voters through the end of the year. To help build their group capacity, they intend to have this event by re-engaging inactive members, recruit their event attendees to become regular group members, and train them in essential aspects of voter outreach so they can “take home” what they learn and support more progressive election campaigns.

Indivisible WA-8 / WA
Project Name: "2022 Postcard Program"
Funding a GOTV postcard campaign, with intention to engage participants towards door-to-door canvassing and phone banking.

Indivisible NOCO / CO
Project Name: "Colorado Text to Get Out the Vote"
Funding a statewide texting campaign to support federal candidates during the 2022 Midterm Eelections. The grant will fund the use of a texting and phone-banking platform for use among various Indivisible groups across Colorado to do voter outreach and provide candidate information during the election.

Indivisible Ocean Shores (IOS) / WA
Project Name: "Local Chapter Recruitment and Capacity Building Materials for Multiple Events"
Funding several events hosted by IOS, including  Book Studies, Coffee Chats, GOTV Postcard Parties, and GOTV Rallies. The purpose of all of their planned events is to engage their existing members towards political activism, build capacity by moivating members to take leadership roles in the group, promote the group in the community, and to inform voters so they engage in the upcoming elections. 

Indivisible OC 49th / CA
Project Name: "Vote FWD Letter Writing to Defend CA-49 & Orange County , CA"
Funding the purchase of writing materials and stamps for a letter-writing campaign, facilitated through Vote Forward, to do voter outreach and encourage turnout for the groups’ endorsed candidates in specific congressional races.

ID9 - Indivisible NC District 9 / NC
Project Name: "Electoral Advocacy + Allyship Parts 1 & 2"
Funding a two-part training series that will focus on how to exercise the group’s organizing power to advocate for the communities they want to be engaged in. The training will help to reground activists towards the “true goal of electoral volunteering”: connecting with and including members of neglected communities in an effort to educate, motivate, and mobilize local communities towards civic empowerment.

Indivisible Sauk Prairie / WI
Project Name: "Did You Know?" Newspaper Ads and Posters"
Continued funding for monthly ads in two community newspapers and posters placed around their community. These ads and posters will promote the group, promote progressive, pro-democracy values, and other Indivisible core advocacy issues while combating disinformation on those issues.

Mobilize the Vote Northeast Ohio / OH
Project Name: "Youth Voter Outreach"
Funding a voter information and registration effort in the city of Cleveland that is  focused on high school students living in the inner ring suburbs and who will turn 18 prior to November 8, 2022. This “Youth Voter Outreach Project” is being organized by Mobilize the Vote NEO, Indivisible Strongsville, WAKE, and Medina County Indivisible in partnership with Common Cause of Ohio and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The goal is to reach each and every student - either at an event or in the classroom and make sure they receive all necessary VR materials in hand.

Announcing the June 2022 Award Recipients

For the June 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible OC 49th / CA
Project Name: "Vote FWD Letter Writing to Defend Orange County, CA"
Funding the group’s writing, stamping & mailing of Vote Forward letters targeting voters in congressional districts, encouraging them to vote for Indivisible-endorsed incumbents in CA. 

Indivisible We Will Persist / MO
Project Name: "Multi-State Postcard Project"
The Missouri groups in this project are coordinating with Indivisible Philadelphia to write to Philadelphia-based voters to increase turnout in this year's November elections. This grant will fund the cost of the postcards, the USPS stamps, and the cost of shipping the postcards to the groups' leaders and some of their volunteer writers. 

Indivisible Ulster NY19 / NY
Project Name: "Special Congressional Election GOTV Postcard/Phonebank to Democratic Ulster County Voters"
Funding the printing and distribution of personalized postcards to voters in NY’s 19th Congressional District to inform them about the new redistricting in the state and the Special Election happening in August 2022, as well as encourage votes for the group’s endorsed candidate in the district. These postcards will be sent out in combination with phone calls, and both efforts will seek to recruit volunteers.

3M Indivisible / TN
Project Name: "Sweetwater Pride Festival"
This grant will fund three TN groups as they attend local a Pride Festival and engage attendees around issues of importance. The groups intend to hire an ice cream truck to provide treats while, at their tent, they talk with attendees and register them to vote. The main goal of these groups is to recruit new members from among festival participants through sign-up, follow-up communication, and invitations to their meetings.

Announcing the May 2022 Award Recipients

For the May 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Mobilize the Vote NEO / OH
Project Name: "Connect to Vote - Cleveland"
A grant to continue the group’s on-sight voter information and registration efforts inside Cleveland's public housing residences.

Fairfax Indivisible / VA
Project Name: "Raise your hand for public education - leadership training."
Funding the event costs for a symposium purposed to educate and train attendees so they can return to their own communities and be leaders in protecting public education, advocate for progressive policies, and enhance equity and inclusivity practices in public schools.

Several of the symposium sessions will address equity and inclusion, including a session with this as the main topic: "All Schools Aren't Equal-How can we improve on equity and inclusion?" Other topics include how to prevent the siphoning of public money from public schools through attempts at privatization, and how to prevent the election of alt-right candidates to school boards.

Indivisible Georgia 10 / GA
Project Name: "Indivisible GA 10 Deep Canvassing Training and Indivisible GA 10 New Member Orientation"
A grant to fund the printing, writing supplies, venue, and lunch for two initiatives: the first being training for members on deep canvassing, the second being an orientation with activities for their new members.

Wright County Indivisible / MN
Project Name: "GOT (progressive) V in Rural Minnesota"
Funding the group’s mail distribution and in-person event hosting within identified rural communities in MN to build relationships and encourage voting in these areas.

Traverse Indivisible / MI
Project Name: "Voting Should Be This Easy"
Continued funding for the training of participants from different Indivisible groups on petition circulation in order to put pro-democracy proposals on the ballot. The grant will also help them purchase printing materials and signage for distribution.

Announcing the April 2022 Award Recipients

For the April 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Georgia Sixth District / GA
Project Name: "Voter Education Business Cards"
Paying for business cards that summarize how people can register to vote, update their addresses, what the election dates are, and where polling is located. These would be used during the group’s canvassing of apartment complexes in their district and would be left with the people they engage with at the doors.

Florence Indivisible and Consolidated Oregon Indivisible Network (COIN) / OR
Project Name: "#OregonBetterTogether GOTV"
This grant will fund their digital and material supplies for their #OregonBetterTogether campaign: the state network’s in-person and media campaign purposed to combat right-wing messaging and disinformation in Oregon and promote progressive proposals to disaffected and non-affiliated voters.

Indivisible Worcester / MA
Project Name: "Indivisible Worcerster Initial Funding Request"
Paying for a battery-powered P.A. system, a bullhorn, banners, annual Zoom subscription, and other misc. expenses for their event/gathering costs associated with their larger effort to petition the MA Secretary of State to keep “insurrectionists and insurrectionist aiders and abetters” off the ballot.

Prescott Indivisible / AZ
Project Name: "Community Lawn Party"
Funding a community party meant to foster deeper and wider connections between members and among other community groups invited to table and educate their community regarding their respective missions.

Postcards + Politics Indivisible - Tallahassee / FL
Project Name: "Writing Postcards to Independent Voters in Leon County, Florida"
Funding the group's postcard writing and distribution efforts to engage voters with positive, handwritten messages and information that encourages them to update their voter registration and communicate accurate voting information from the local election supervisor's office.

Indivisible Grassroots Pittsburgh / PA
Project Name: "Indivisible PA Steering Committee Retreat"
Funding an in-person retreat focused on strengthening the PA statewide committee, reinforcing statewide Indivisible group communication, mapping statewide goals and priorities in the coming year, and constructing a plan to help each other arrive at these goals.

Concord Indivisible Huddle / MA
Project Name: "Concord Indivisible Huddle Re-Launch"
Funding the relaunch of the group’s community “Huddles” program: an in-person meeting program instituted during the 2020 election cycle to engage local volunteers in a variety of targeted actions, then converted to an online format during the pandemic. The relaunch will be a high-energy kick-off of new in-person gatherings that will continue over Summer 2022.  It will serve as a reunion for supporters - with a special focus on the 2022 mid-term elections.

Sweetwater Indivisible / GA
Project Name: "Sweetwater Indivisible Start Up Funding"
A grant to help with the group with “start-up” costs, helping them purchase materials for their host-platform memberships, initial recruitment events costs, establish themselves in the community through promotion, and train their new members.

Traverse Indivisible / MI
Project Name: "Voting Should Be This Easy"
Funding the training of participants from different Indivisible groups on petition circulation in order to put pro-democracy proposals on the ballot. The grant will also help them purchase printing materials and signage for distribution.

Indivisible Philadelphia / PA
Project Name: "Pennsylvania Statewide 35 Doors / Neighborhood Leader Project"
The 35 Doors / Neighborhood Leader Project was created in 2021 in Philadelphia to increase voter turnout in 2022 and beyond, to build relationships with neighbors, and to build the groups' community organizing skills. This grant will fund the expansion of this project to other Indivisible Groups around the state and train them in deep-canvassing techniques while reminding them about the issues on the ballot

Announcing the March 2022 Award Recipients

For the March 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Tucson Action Alliance / AZ
Project Name: "Incorporation"
Paying the retainer of a lawyer who is helping the group navigate the process of incorporating as a nonprofit entity in the state, which they argue will enable them to navigate and abide by AZ's laws around advocacy activity. and provide liability protection for the group's leadership. They also argue that incorporation will also help them establish the group's institutional structure.

Indivisible GA-11 / GA
Project Name: Indivisible GA-11 Defending Democracy Dinner
Hosting a dinner with other local, like-minded advocacy groups where attendees will network with each other before the IGA-11 leadership gives a presentation about their past accomplishments and plans for future activities to promote democracy and get voters to the polls in 2022. They also intended to recruit new activists to join their group.

Democracy Project / CA
Project Name: "Voter Registration Event Set Up"
Funding the materials for the first of their in-person voter registration events.

Indivisible Sonoma County
Project Name: "A Picnic to Revive, Rebuild and Grow"
"Hosting a community picnic, inviting all Sonoma County Indivisible Groups, and offering an afternoon to meet each other as well as allied groups. Groups attending will inform share their community activities through short speeches or tables with information. They plan on having a Keynote Speaker on climate change issues.
Their goals for this event are to cross-pollinate throughout their county and to create more visibility for each other's grassroots efforts while socializing and having fun."

Sierra County Indivisible
Project Name: "New Mexico Indivisible Indigenous Learning Collaborative"
"Engaging in an Indigenous Learning Collaborative. The statewide NM Indivisible network intends to engage with Native American speakers, literature, and business as part of their concerted effort to learn about this community that makes up such an integral part of the New Mexico community. One of their long-term goals within this collaboration is to educate and train their members to be better-informed allies to Native American populations in New Mexico.
In addition to the educational component of the learning program, they want this project to give their state structure another avenue of collaboration between chapters. This cross-chapter collaboration would then benefit their building of the state structure for long-term growth, sustainability, and relevance within the broader community."

Indivisible Safety Harbor
Project Name: "GOTV in Low Voting Minority Communities"
Joining alongside NAACP Clearwater/Upper Pinellas County Branch, the League of Women Voters, and other community advocacy groups, the group seeks to engage in targeted GOTV within low-voting minority communities in Florida. This grant will pay for event materials, canvassing supplies, and gear.

Indivisible Sauk Prairie
Project Name: “'Did You Know?' Newspaper Ads and Posters"
Funding monthly ads in two community newspapers and posters placed around their community. These ads and posters will promote the group, promote progressive, pro-democracy values, and other Indivisible core advocacy issues while combating disinformation on those issues.

Indivisible Tacoma
Project Name: "Indivisible Tacoma Promo Video"
Funding the creation and distribution of a promotional video for their group to provide them with a ready-use resource for any event where they introduce themselves and what they do, as well as help with their online visibility recruitment efforts.

Announcing the February 2022 Award Recipients

For the February 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Screven Forward / GA
Project Name: "Southeast Georgia Progressive Leadership Summit"
DescriptionReimbursing expenses for their Southeast Georgia Progressive Leadership Summit. The summit program included regarding voter registration, voter education, inclusion & equity content, and candidate recruitment.

Indivisible Georgia Sixth District / GA
Project Name: "Voter Education Packet"
DescriptionCreating flyers to distribute around residential areas that include information on how to register (using Indivisible's Turbovote URL), how to find their polling place, election dates, and the newly updated absentee process in GA.

Avondale ACTion / GA
Project Name: " "
DescriptionPaying for door hangars containing voting information while promoting their Indivisible group.

Indivisible Mass Coalition (IMC) / MA
Project Name: "White People Challenging Racism Workshops"
DescriptionFunding promotional and digital content materials for their three-part, statewide Diversity Equity, & Inclusion training workshops for group leaders, called "White People Challenging Racism".

Indivisible Ulster / NY
Project Name"'Learn. Care. Act' Pop-Up Advocacy Tent In Ulster & Greene Counties"
DescriptionBuying tabling supplies for a series of "tent events" being held around their community across the year -- parades, cultural festivals, etc -- wherein the group will promote their advocacy issues and themselves.

Indivisible CA-33 / CA
Project Name"SoCal Messaging Wins!"
DescriptionPaying for graphic design and a digital media hosting platform for a series of messaging huddles and communications training (part of their statewide, cross-state collaborative Grassroots Messaging Works project).

Indivisible Highlands / NC
Project Name"Indivisible Highlands Summer 2022 Kickoff Party"
DescriptionHosting a community event featuring speakers and discussing the group's future electoral work. The event is meant to energize current members and recruit new members interested in attending their regular meetings.

Indivisible Georgia 4 / GA
Project Name"Why Does My Vote Matter: Promoting Civic Education in Low Voter Turn-Out Neighborhoods"
DescriptionPaying for content creation, purposed for civic education about the function and impact of different public offices on the lives of the community to inform voters and encourage them to turn out.

Ohio Progressive Action Leaders (OPAL) / OH
Project Name: "OPAL Messaging Huddles Ongoing Support"
Description: Phase 2 of their statewide grassroots messaging project: paying for a relational texting tool and fees, design software, and illustration cost (part of their statewide, cross-state collaborative Grassroots Messaging Works project).

Announcing the January 2022 Award Recipients

For the January 2022 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Colorado Action Network / CO
Project Name: "Indivisible CO 2022 Statewide Summit"
DescriptionFunding expenses for their upcoming "Indivisible CO 2022 Statewide Summit", providing training for groups on :

  • Election actions for when they begin supporting the 2022 candidates of their choice

  • An overview on key races in CO

  • Training on how to have a successful local Indivisible group.

  • DEI principles

  • Allied organizations they could work with.

They also intend for CO groups at this event to "network with each other, share best practices, collaborate on future efforts."

Oregonizers / OR
Project Name: "Building Progressive Collaboration through Social Media"
Description: Funding purchases for tools, supplies, ad-buys, and digital platform subscriptions for the OR groups. These will contribute to the ongoing communications initiative building on their ongoing digital outreach, messaging, and media creation efforts by these groups in Oregon, building on the success they had with this in 2021.

Necessary Trouble / GA
Project Name: "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"
Description: Covering the remaining costs of a DEI trainer they paid last year for their group

Sandoval County Indivisible / NM
Project name: "New Mexico Indivisible United 2022 Spring Conference"
Description: Funding expenses for their upcoming "New Mexico Indivisible United 2022 Spring Conference". The theme for their statewide conference is "Maximizing Our Power Together in 2022", and include speakers, such as the Governor of New Mexico and Indivisible National staff, as well as a host range of sessions on:

  • Sustaining and growing your Indivisible Group

  • Engaging disenchanted voters in New Mexico (e.g. Latinx/Hispanic males and Native Americans)

  • Voting rights - where does NM go from here?

  • Focus on the NM Legislature - Better ways to influence outcomes

  • Deep Canvassing strategies

CT Shoreline Indivisible / CT
Project name: "Communications Platform"
Description: Paying for the remainder of the web hosting platform subscription they are using for their group's website.

Mobilize the Vote NEO / OH
Project name: "Voter Registration and Mobilization"
Description: The grant will help purchase equipment for the group's ongoing, on-sight voter information and registration efforts inside Cleveland's public housing residences. This is an ongoing, year-round voter registration endeavor by this this group.

Indivisible TX Lege / TX
Project Name: "Don't Mess With Texas Voters 2 - Texas Tour"
Description: This grant will support an ongoing, state-wide coordinated project being led by Indivisible TX Lege many Texas groups. "Phase 2" of their three-part, 18-month endeavor to fight against Texas's voter suppression laws, known as "Don't Mess with Texas Voters".
This grant would fund the 2nd and 3rd of their six "Texas Tour" stops, co-hosted with local community advocates, they intend to host "train-the-trainer" events with attendees in different areas of the state. At each tour stop event, the groups and local political advocacy experts will brief attendees on the current state and federal legislation, developments within state redistricting, and, in partnership with a number of state advocacy groups, train attendees on how to talk to voters.
The organizers and local partners will then plan deep canvassing after each tour stop in the areas they visit, meant to mobilize Indivisible group members after each tour stop to start connecting with voters in preparation for the midterm elections.

Announcing the November 2021 Award Recipients

For the November 2021 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

CT Shoreline Indivisible / CT
This grant will go towards helping pay for a web host subscription and aid the group's outreach and mobilization efforts.

Indivisible DuPage / IL
This grant will pay for supplies in preparation for a digital conference the group is facilitating in January 2022. The programming of this summit is focused on increasing members’ engagement for the next year.

Mobilize the Vote NEO
The grant will help purchase equipment for the group's ongoing, on-sight voter information and registration efforts inside Cleveland's public housing residences.

Indivisible Common Ground WNC
This grant will buy ad space on a billboard promoting the benefits of the infrastructure spending and "Build Back Better" legislation passed in Congress for their community.

Indivisible Kirkland / Washington Indivisible Network (WIN)
The statewide network of groups involved in this grant are paying for speaker stipends and education materials for a statewide "Organizing with An Anti-Racism" training, as well as paying for service fees for an REI consultant to help the WIN groups "reimagine their guiding principles" around anti-racism.

Indivisible Guilford County
The group is using their grant to pay for a new website and graphic designs

Ohio Progressive Action Leaders (OPAL)
The statewide network of groups is investing in a texting service for the long-term, as well as  buying swag for a large, virtual training focused on “Race Class Narrative” messaging.

Indivisible East Tennessee
This grant will go towards preparations (reserving event venue, catering, attendee housing) for a statewide convening between local Indivisibles and other TN progressive groups in 2022 build a coordinated progressive community in the state .

Indivisible Northeast Mississippi
The group is using their grant to pay for a web developer to create and maintain a new website for them.

Announcing the October 2021 Award Recipients

For the October 2021 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Bethlehem Morning Voice Huddle
This grant will support an ongoing, coordinated effort among Indivisible groups in New York as part of their “We Get Out The Vote (WeGOTV 2022)” project. These groups intend to use this grant to purchase letter and postcarding materials as part of their efforts to promote general voter registration and polling information, as well as recruit new volunteers into 2022.

Announcing the September 2021 Award Recipients

For the September 2021 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible TX Lege
This grant will support an ongoing, state-wide coordinated project being led by Indivisible TX Lege many Texas groups. "Phase 2" of their three-part, 18-month endeavor to fight against Texas's voter suppression laws, known as "Don't Mess with Texas Voters".

RELEASE: Waiving the 6-Month Waiting Period for Previous GROW Grant Recipients to Apply for More Funding for the Remainder of 2021

In our effort to distribute as much GROW Grant support to groups in the final three application rounds in 2021 (September, October, and November 2021), any group or cohort of groups that received GROW grant funding for a project in 2021 will no longer have to wait the mandatory 6-months after receiving their award before they are eligible to apply for another grant -- either supporting that same project or another facilitated by that same group or cohort.

Announcing the August 2021 Award Recipients

For the August 2021 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Nye County Prickly Pears, Nevada
This grant would be used to pay for voter registration and tabling materials, as well as event fees, for this group to do outreach at the upcoming Pahrump Fall Festival in Pahrump, NV. They are also inviting local progressive activist groups to table with them if those groups don't have a booth at the festival.

Announcing the July 2021 Award Recipients

For the July 2021 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Snohomish County Indivisible, Washington
This grant is will help Snohomish County Indivisible purchase event and venue costs associated with their screening of the documentary, Somebody's Daughter, as well as a discussion and action-planning session based on the issues raised in the film.

Announcing the June 2021 Award Recipients

For the June 2021 application round, the GROW Grants Team is happy to support the following groups and their projects:

Indivisible Evanston, Illinois
Their grant will pay for materials for a rally on June 27th calling for the passage of the For The People Act. Their rally will feature the group, community leaders, and state officials calling for the passage of FTPA. The group is buying banners both to promote the rally around town and to display at the rally itself -- including the group's webpage address to promote recruitment.