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Disinformation Best Practices


Our political landscape and an ongoing global pandemic create daily opportunities for bad actors to fabricate new conspiracies, push false information, and exacerbate social tensions. Disinformation and online attacks spread rapidly, leaving us to make difficult decisions about when and how to respond to what we see online.

Social media platforms are slow to respond, and progressive leaders cannot fight against bad actors alone. Activists and organizers like YOUare the key to countering disinformation and helping progressives collectively “win” online. Below, we offer guidance for Indivisibles’ members to effectively handle disinformation.


In almost every situation, the best response to disinformation is no response. We encourage people to be very careful about engaging directly with any false information they see and to never amplify any content they do not want to spread, even to call it out.

However, organizers sometimes find themselves engaging in conversations with users who are genuinely confused by or interested in harmful narratives. Here are the best practices and tips for how to respond to someone who is focused on disinformation: