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Recruiting for Your Indivisible Group

Indivisibles know that recruitment is a key component of building local power, but it is not always easy to meet and identify new potential activists or reactivate your existing list. It’s hard, intentional work (like anything that matters).

In addition to the guides below, Indivisible also holds live trainings sessions on recruitment and other issues. Please check the training calendar here to sign up for one of our upcoming trainings!

Indivisible Recruitment Guide

The goal of this guide is to provide Indivisibles with new ideas and the tools you need to build a stronger and bigger membership! You can do this!

What’s in this guide:

  • Recruitment in the Time of Coronavirus. We are living in extraordinary times so we are starting with a short guide for recruiting while social distancing. 
  • Building a Recruitment Plan. Every successful recruitment push starts with a plan.
  • Having an Effective Recruitment Conversation. The number one reason new activists get involved with local groups is because someone asked them. Dig deep on how to make effective asks.
  • Building Inclusive Groups. Learn effective ways to build a welcoming and supportive group across lines of difference.
  • Recruitment Plan Worksheet. Put your plan building skills to action!
  • Scripts Worksheet. Really, what is an Indivisible guide without a call script? 
  • Glossary of Racial Equity Terms. Develop a learning mindset for leading your group.
  • Discussion Guide - White Supremacy in Organizations. Facilitate an effective discussion about your group’s culture and building a truly inclusive group. 


EveryAction (also known as EA) is, at its core, a volunteer and event management tool. It integrates with our voter contact tool, MyVoters (also known as VAN), so groups can combine information from their membership lists with the data that lives in the national voter file.

What’s in this guide:
  • What groups can do using EveryAction
  • EveryAction Application Process
  • EveryAction Resources