Local Indivisible groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the collective constituent power that comes with working together, as Indivisibles.

Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments. Indivisible Groups take action in their communities, build collective purpose, and create change.

We make calls. We show up. We organize. And we’ve built lasting collective power across the country, in our home towns. We’re Indivisible.

We’re a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.


Want to get out the vote in key states from the comfort of your own home? Indivisible is excited to be partnering this election cycle with VoteFWD. VoteFWD provides activists with names, addresses and a data-driven proven template to write letters to voters in important states.
The coronavirus outbreak is unlikely to end any time soon, but we have a chance to make sure the response to it is a powerful and equitable one. Learn more about what a People's Bailout means and how to demand one.
The federal government has put out three coronavirus relief packages so far, but there is plenty more that your state and local governments can do to create a more robust and equitable response.
Take action to demand your Senators and state officials act now to build alternatives to in-person voting by developing and funding vote-by-mail systems before the November election.
Congratulations! Your local group has just secured a national endorsement for an awesome candidate. But now what? While this is an incredibly important step, Indivisibles know that just simply saying your group endorses a candidate won’t get them over the finish line. What’s meaningful about an...
With the importance of social distancing and limiting mass gatherings, Indivisible leaders need to cancel in-person meetings and large-scale events to protect members from exposure to the coronavirus and stop the spread across their communities.
Donald Trump has become emboldened ever since he was acquitted in the Senate’s sham impeachment trial. Now, he’s interfering in the Department of Justice’s prosecutions of his co-conspirators, with the support of the Attorney General himself, Bill Barr. This is an extraordinary collapse of our...
It’s 2020 and that means all eyes are on defeating Trump. But before we do that, we have to make sure we select the best possible candidate. After all, we’re going to make the Democratic nominee the next president -- and we have a short window to make sure that person will be a strong candidate and...
Caucusing is fun. Caucusing is easy. Caucusing makes a big impact. On February 3rd, Iowa kicks off the presidential primary. While the primary has been in high gear for over a year now, Iowans will be the first to caucus and share their pick for the Democratic and Republican nominees with the rest...
We know elections—especially primaries—can be intimidating. We also know that an endorsement, done correctly, is one of our most powerful tools for change. This guide demystifies the process, with advice on how best to engage in both primary and general elections.
Trump has been impeached in the House for pressuring Ukrainian leaders into digging up dirt on his political opponent in an attempt to gain an advantage in the 2020 presidential election. Then, he tried to cover it up. Now, it’s up to the Senate to remove him from office.
Bird-dogging is a powerful tactic used by grassroots activists to get candidates and elected officials on the record about important issues. Grassroots constituents like you can often get officials to say things they would never reveal in a more structured interview. Such revelations are vital as...