Republicans in Arizona are trying to undermine democracy and make it harder to vote.
More than 55 years after the 1963 Equal Pay Act became law, women’s economic security is still threatened by a punishing and substantial gender-based wage gap in virtually every industry and at every education level. Here’s what we can do about it.
Unfortunately, mass shootings are all too common in America and, despite strong public support for policies that could help stem the tide of violence, Republicans in Congress refused to act. Now that Democrats have retaken control of the House, they have the opportunity to change course and do more...
Is your House Democrat in the Blue Dog Coalition? Are they a “New Dem”? Or, worst of all, are they a so-called “Problem Solver”? These caucuses might sound good on paper, but they fill your House Democrat’s ears with mostly-wrong ideas.
The Green New Deal is an ambitious, progressive policy framework that would protect the planet, advance justice, and create new jobs. Learn more here, then tell your MoC to support it.  
The House just passed a democracy reform package focused on voter empowerment and access, getting big money out of politics, and cracking down on corruption. Every Republican voted against it—here's how to hold them accountable.
Groups all over the country are showing up at district offices on January 3rd to take the momentum from the election and turn it into issue advocacy. We expect the first major legislative effort in a Democratically-controlled House to be a democracy reform effort (H.R. 1). This legislation is...
The U.S. House must vote one more time to end U.S. support for Saudi war crimes in Yemen, since Trump won’t do it himself. Tell your representative to oppose any motion to recommit on this bill, and pass S.J.Res. 7.
Here is your first piece of practical advice moving forward into 2019 and 2010: you deserve a party! Celebrating is an incredibly important piece of long term movement building. You and your group members need space to decompress, reflect on your wins, and celebrate your hard work. This toolkit has...
Because state legislators are really not used to hearing much from their constituents and state legislative offices are not heavily staffed, it takes much fewer calls to get noticed and have impact. 
Our new guide, Indivisible in the States, outlines strategies and tactics for how states can both resist Trump and pass bold, progressive policies.
Organizing a statewide lobby day can be an big undertaking but, if executed properly, can make a significant impact on the outcome of the legislative process while also promoting statewide Indivisible unity.