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Our families, our economy, our democracy are in crisis. This Recovery Recess, we will show up together to demand Congress go bold and go big, no excuses, and no exceptions.
President Biden’s signature COVID relief bill is now law. Read on to learn what’s in it, what got left out, and how your MoCs voted on this critical legislation.
This document outlines some ways Indivisible supports local groups so you can easily see in one place things that would be most helpful to your group.
We’ve defeated Trump and his cronies, and now it’s time to defeat the forces that fueled his rise and encouraged this threat to our democracy.
M.I.R.V is an acronym for “Multiple-Impact Reentry Vehicles” used to describe the House special rule, which allows two or more individually passed bills to be combined into one legislative vehicle.
Describes the lifecycle of a Discharge Petition
Normally, the Senate requires a 60-vote majority to pass any legislation—a high bar that makes it hard for the Senate to quickly pass major pieces of legislation. Budget Reconciliation, often referred to as just reconciliation, is a legislative maneuver that allows the majority to get around this...
The trick with must-pass bills is members of Congress (MoCs) can use them as an opportunity to attach policy changes, even if those policies would be difficult to pass on their own. The thinking is, if members can manage to get their policy priority into the must-pass bill, other MoCs will have to...
The Byrd rule has been law since 1990, and has been used successfully dozens of times to block so-called “extraneous” (unrelated) provisions that shouldn’t get passed through reconciliation.
February recess is coming up, which means it’s time to get loud. From February 13-February 21, members of Congress get a break from their work in Washington D.C. to spend time in their districts talking to constituents (that’s why it’s technically called a “district work period”).
Fueled by dark money groups, Republicans have completely taken over the federal judiciary.
Indivisible is proud to provide direct financial support to Indivisible groups for their collaborative and capacity-building projects. Our Grassroots Organizing Wins (GROW) grants program is a way for registered Indivisible groups to get funding for their activities and trainings. Potential...