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Local Indivisible groups build and wield power in ways that individuals can’t. To create change, you need the collective constituent power that comes with working together, as Indivisibles.

Indivisibles organize -- which means building power and flexing at key moments. Indivisible Groups take action in their communities, build collective purpose, and create change.

We make calls. We show up. We organize. And we’ve built lasting collective power across the country, in our home towns. We’re Indivisible.

We’re a grassroots movement of thousands of local Indivisible groups with a mission to elect progressive leaders, rebuild our democracy, and defeat the Trump agenda.


Our free and open internet is under attack by a Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Net neutrality ended on June 11, but there's still time to undo Trump's giveaway to big telecom companies - fight back by telling your Representative and Senators to vote yes on the...
Every Democrat in the House and Senate voted against the Trump Tax Scam every time it came to the floor. They deserve our thanks for holding strong in the face of immense pressure.
Nearly every Republican in the House and Senate voted for the Trump Tax Scam every time it came to the floor (you can see if your MoC voted for the final version here). They need to hear that you know how they voted, and that you are NOT happy.
The Trump administration inherited massive surveillance authority that allows the government to sweep up Americans’ communications and sift through it without a warrant. 
From civil rights to the environment and beyond, federal judges wield tremendous power to decide issues that affect us all. Here's what your Senators can do to block Trump's dangerous judicial nominations.
Thankfully, we defeated TrumpCare in 2017, but Trump isn’t done coming for Medicaid yet. He’s back with a sneak attack in partnership with Republican governors: conditioning Medicaid eligibility on work requirements. Tell your governor not to line up with Trump to take health care away from people...
From his tweets to his bluster to his white supremacist policies, Donald Trump poses a security risk to the United States. He is actively making us less safe with each day in office. Here is a running list of just some of the ways he has threatened our safety.
House Republicans, joined by some Democrats, voted on February 15 to advance the misleadingly named “ADA Education and Reform Act” (H.R. 620), a bill that would roll back many of the hard-won protections in the ADA.
The federal government can set standards and practices that apply to all states around gun safety. But states have the option of passing additional measures to protect their own residents from gun violence. 
Net neutrality ended on June 11, but Congress can still undo that if they pass the CRA resolution of disapproval.
Trump is using the Census to instill fear in immigrant communities and advance his anti-immigrant agenda. The Trump administration announced in April that they would add a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, a move that would result in a severe undercounting of our population.
The Me Too movement has revealed the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault across broad swathes of American life. These challenges are acutely present on Capitol Hill, where the power imbalances inherent in the structure of Congressional offices, as well as the reporting process for sexual...