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Protect Abortion Rights in Arizona

Collect Signatures for the Arizona for Abortion Access Constitutional Amendment.

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    Protecting Abortion Rights in Arizona

    MAGA extremists are asking courts to uphold a law from 1864 that bans nearly all abortions in Arizona. No matter how you personally feel about abortion, every person should be able to make their own decisions with their doctor and those they love and trust. These are deeply personal decisions that should be between a patient and their doctor, without interference from the government. Politicians should not be making these decisions for us.

    A coalition of leading reproductive rights, healthcare, and grassroots organizations are coming together to place the Arizona Abortion Access Constitutional Amendment on the 2024 ballot. This amendment will give voters a chance to restore abortion protections in Arizona. It would roll back the bans that Republicans instituted last year and allow Arizonans to make our own decisions on abortion. But we need your help. In order for a constitutional amendment to qualify for the ballot, our coalition will need to collect half a million signatures from voters.

    How We Win

    We know what it will take to succeed: the grassroots showing up in communities across the state to educate voters and make sure we get this on the ballot. Neighbors talking to neighbors at farmer’s markets, concerts, shopping centers, and community gatherings. Hundreds of Indivisible volunteers in every county are ready to get to work!

    Arizona Indivisibles have the experience, know-how, and savvy to put a big dent in this signature collection goal. Our strategy will be to resource the movement with the tools they need and invest heavily in tactics to maximize media exposure and get the word out about this effort. 

    9 in 10 Arizonans oppose the total abortion bans that MAGA extremists are trying to force on us. We have to fight back to protect our rights and freedoms from politicians that want to take them away.

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    Search for an Event in Your Area

    We need your help to collect half a million signatures to make sure it is on the 2024 ballot! Find the closest event where you can sign the petition in support of the Arizona for Abortion Access Constitutional Amendment. If you are a volunteer petition gatherer, find the closest location to pick up and drop off petitions and volunteer to help gather signatures with other partner organizations.

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    Host a Signature Gathering Event

    Indivisibles are organizing across the state to collect signatures to place abortion rights on the ballot. Our coalition has until July 2024 to collect 500,000 signatures.

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      Join our Weekly Trainings

      Indivisible and Healthcare Rising are running weekly trainings to answer all your questions about the new Arizona for Abortion Access constitutional amendment and how volunteers can gather signatures to support it.

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      Are You New to Indivisible?

      Get connected to a local group and join our national network of activists building lasting power in their communities. We're working to build a democracy that works for all of us and is sustained by all of us.

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    Quick Links for Event Hosts

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      Financial Resources

      Get up to a $200 reimbursement for event items like rental spaces, supplies, food, and flyers!

      Step 1
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      Messaging Guide

      Take a look at our strategic messaging guidance for signature gatherers to help counter MAGA extremist talking points.

      Step 2
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      Best Practices for Hosting your Event

      Whether you are hosting a monthly meeting, a community forum, or a signature gathering event, there are some best practices to follow to set your group up for short and long term success.

      Step 3
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      Ballot Measure Related Graphics

      Get access to an array of graphics to support your work.

      Step 4
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      Register voters, confirm voter’s registration, and more! BallotReady can help you register new voters and check existing voters' information!

      Step 1
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      Voter Registration Guide

      This guide covers why we register voters, how to use our new voter registration tool, and how to register voters in your community.

      Step 2
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      BallotReady Voter Form

      Are you already signed up and using BallotReady? Here is where you can enter registrant contact information!

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    In the News


      "Abortion Rights Activists Set Their Sights on Arizona After Ohio Win"

      Step 1
    • Newsweek

      "Democrats Will Win With Abortion on the Ballot"

      Step 2
    • Arizona Daily Sun

      "Abortion Access Efforts Continuing in Flagstaff a Year After Dobbs Decision"

      Step 3
    • C-SPAN Washington Journal

      "Indivisible's Leah Greenberg on Campaign 2024 and the Progressive Agenda"

      Step 4
    • Phoenix New Times

      "Abortion-rights supporters launch push for Arizona ballot measure in 2024"

      Step 5
    • KVOA News 4 Tucson

      "Tucson abortion rights advocates taking action to put abortion access on the ballot"

      Step 6
    • The New York Times

      "Ohio Vote Continues a Winning Streak for Abortion Rights"

      Step 7
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    Help us Win

    Your donation will help us send more resources into Arizona and build up our grassroots power ahead of the 2024 election.

    Paid for by Indivisible Action Arizona with 88% from out-of-state contributors. PO Box 43135, Washington, DC 20010. Not authorized by any ballot measure committee.