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GROW Grant Program

Welcome to the Indivisible Grassroots Organizing Wins (GROW) Grant Program! This program is designed to provide direct financial support to Indivisible groups for collaborative and capacity-building projects. Indivisible groups can apply for grant money for projects, supplies, trainings, vendors and more.

  • Application Timeline
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    Application Timeline

    Applications are due every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 11:59 PM PST. Award Decisions are sent 2 weeks after the application deadline–usually, the 1st Tuesday of the succeeding month.

  • Grant Amounts
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    • Up to $8,000

      Project involving 10+ Indivisible groups and/or is a statewide or cross-state organizing effort.

    • Up to $2,500

      Project involving 2 to 3 Indivisible groups.

    • Up to $4,000

      Project involving 4 to 9 Indivisible groups.

    • Up to $1,000

      Project involving only 1 Indivisible group(s).

  • FAQs
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    Those requesting and accepting grants must be active members of an Indivisible group that is registered with Indivisible, and be using the money to fund activities approved by their group and its leadership.

    GROW Grant money must be used for Indivisible-led activities that increase collaboration between two or more Indivisible groups, and/or for activities that build capacity for the group(s) involved by focusing on things like recruiting new members, developing leadership capacity, increasing technical skills, and building racial equity and inclusion.

    One of the groups involved in any grant must have (or commit to acquiring) a Distributed Fundraising account. This is so that we can distribute the funds to you seamlessly and maintain legal compliance. 

    If you do not have a Distributed Fundraising account, set one up now

    NOTE: Registering and activating your account can take a couple of weeks, and you cannot receive grant funds without it.

    Grant funds should be used within six months of receipt. 

    Grant recipients need to report that appx. 75% or more of their most recent award has been spent before they will be considered for another grant funding the same project. 

    Recipients’ Debrief Surveys are due once the project is completed.

  • Application
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    I Would Like to Apply for a Grant!

    Before you apply, please review the Support & Reference Materials below to help understand the application/review process, rules and restrictions, and as well as potential project ideas. Filling out the application shouldn't take more than a few hours. However, for large and complex projects, expect the background work you'll need to do in advance -- such as recruiting other groups to collaborate, and determining your budget -- to take some time.

  • Program Resources
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    • GROW Grant Application

      Thank you for your interest in a GROW Grant! Your work to collaborate with other groups, and to build up your capacity for the people power that drives our movement, will help us all reclaim our democracy and improve the lives of millions. Before you begin this application, take a look at the Proposal Template to make sure you have collected all the information you need for the application.

      Step 1
    • GROW Grants Proposal Template

      Use this template to preview the application questions and prepare your answers. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a grant-writing expert - just show us your thoughtful planning.

      Step 2
    • Budget Template

      You will be aske to submit a budget associated with your grant. Use this template as a guide for your application. This itemized budget must be included in the application for accounting and compliance purposes.

      Step 3
    • Training Plan Template

      If your project includes a training component, you will be asked to explain your training plan. You will be asked to answer if your training is driving action or informational, how you plan to measure impact, and what your learning objectives are.

      Step 4
    • Step-by-Step Guide for Applying

      Read about the granting process: from the application to the debrief stages, and the support we offer in between.

      Step 5
    • Application Scoring Rubric

      See the elements our review team considers with your application answers.

      Step 6
    • GROW Grants FAQ

      Read our essential resource for navigating the grant program’s rules and restrictions, and how grants can fund certain project expenses but not others.

      Step 1
    • Grant Project Ideas

      We put together a living document designed to help groups who are looking for examples of projects to submit for GROW Grant funding. It will help contextualize “allowable spending” under the program and share project concepts that have previously been submitted and approved for funding.

      Step 2
    • “Capacity Building” in GROW Projects

      Many nonprofits and progressive organizations use the term “capacity building” as a catch-all phrase to encompass all the ways an organization might increase its impact or political power over time. Learn what this term means to Indivisible and what kinds of expenses and activities are considered capacity-building for your group.

      Step 3
    • Learn About Spending Restrictions!

      Because we are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, there are certain spending restrictions. See what expenses and activities are restricted under the Distributed Fundraising program and for GROW Grants.

      Step 4
  • Updates and Assistance
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    GROW News & Updates

    Read our program announcements as well as past grant recipients and their project descriptions.

    Get the latest info.

    Office Hours

    Need 1-on-1 assistance with your project? Schedule time with our GROW team every Thursday between 4:00 - 6:00 PM EST.

    Schedule an appointment