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Indivisible's Core Advocacy Issues

Our democracy is facing an existential threat, which is why we think that democracy reforms need to be our top priority. Unrigging our democracy is also a prerequisite for making permanent wins on everything else we care about. But we know the unraveling of our democracy is not the only threat we face, and our governing agenda does not stop once we’ve won broad democracy reforms.

Right now, we are facing the interlocking catastrophes of a rigged democracy, global pandemic, unimaginable and growing wealth inequality, racial injustice including the anti-immigrant nativism that animates much of Trumpism, and the escalating impacts of the climate crisis. So in addition to democracy, Indivisible has built out four other core advocacy issues: economic justice, climate, health care and immigration, with a connecting thread of racial justice through all of them. 

Our core advocacy issues were chosen because:

  1. They would have the biggest impact on structural-political change; 
  2. Would restore justice and build power for vulnerable communities;
  3. They are the issues Indivisible groups have repeatedly said they want to prioritize;
  4. They are ripe for action and will remain central to ongoing policy debates; and 
  5. They offer some of the biggest opportunities for Indivisibles to make an intersectional contribution. 

Rapid response beyond these issues will continue. Indivisible will continue to work on and offer rapid response opportunities to take strategic action on whatever is moving in Congress (so don’t worry!). But we also know that in a governing scenario, our biggest impact lies in shaping the agenda in the first place. That’s why we’ve been listening to Indivisible groups, directly impacted partner organizations and our allies in the progressive movement to figure out where we should focus on building infrastructure and expertise.

We will use an inside-outside strategy to get into the details of policy while also leveraging the full power of our movement (go back to the guide to see more details on what tactics we recommend). We’re building deep relationships with partners in each of these issue areas to make sure that we’re crafting our strategy and demands with organizations led by and accountable to directly impacted communities.

Regardless, we’ll be doing our best at every turn to do the work of being bold, strategic and unapologetically progressive! As we’ve said repeatedly, the problems that we face run deep, and only bold transformative structural change can truly address them. We can’t afford partial solutions that just kick the can down the road. Now is the time to dig deep to win the big changes all our communities deserve.