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Arizona Bill Outlawing Paid Voter Registration Fails in the House, Following Grassroots Pressure

Yesterday marked a milestone in our months-long battle to defend democracy in Arizona this session. Since the beginning of the session, Indivisibles packed the committee hearing for HB 2616 and made hundreds of calls to their legislators to fight back against anti-democratic bills including HB 2616. We are thrilled that the Arizona House listened to the will of their constituents and voted against HB 2616.

Indivisible Supports the Dream and Promise Act

The Dream and Promise Act would provide permanent relief and a path to citizenship for the millions of immigrants Trump has targeted. It is an important step toward securing justice for all of the immigrant families who live and work in our communities. We recognize that the road ahead is long, but we won’t rest until we have secured permanent protections for all immigrant families, starting with passage of this bill in the House.

Indivisible Reacts to the Arizona Senate’s Passage of SB 1188

What the Republican-controlled Arizona Legislature did today is an affront to democracy and the will of the people. SB 1188 would purge over 260,000 Arizonans from the early voter rolls and is a deliberate attempt to make it harder for Arizonans to participate in the democratic process. Republicans in the legislature have shown that they want to silence the people’s voice to ensure that only the voices of those already in power are heard.