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Ethics and Democracy

Indivisible Announces Week of Action: “Stop the MAGA Default Crisis”

Indivisible announced a week of action to stop the MAGA default crisis from May 19 to May 26, following Janet Yellen's announcement that the ‘U.S. Could Run Out of Cash by June 1.’ Indivisible is asking concerned constituents to hold rallies and protests at the offices of Republican Members of Congress, descend on town halls, and make their voices heard. 

Indivisible Calls on Senate Judiciary to Investigate Corruption at the Supreme Court

Americans are tired of justices who act with this little regard to the law and as though they are immune from consequences – whether it’s Thomas and his lavish vacations or his colleague Samuel Alito’s alleged leak of a Supreme Court decision to right-wing anti-abortion activists, clearly the Court has gone off the rails and is in desperate need of reforms in order to restore its legitimacy.

Indivisible on the Senate Republicans Blocking the Women’s Health Protection Act: ‘Heartless Scumbags.’

Republican Senators, even the ones who lie and claim to be pro-choice, are heartless scumbags who clearly couldn‘t care less about protecting the constitutional rights of the American people. These same senators are the reason why the Supreme Court is stacked with a similarly heartless conservative majority who share their disdain for the constitution.