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Immigrant Justice

The Indivisible Project’s Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union

We’ll be keeping up the heat on President Biden to move his legislative agenda through the Senate while simultaneously using his executive authority to swiftly and significantly improve people’s lives through climate action, lower drug prices, fighting predatory loans and more. And as the results in tonight’s primaries showed, there’s a new guard of progressive voices that need our support to make it to Congress and help Biden deliver on his agenda.

A Focus on Immigrant Justice

While working the policy challenges at all levels of government with partner organizations, we are guided and empowered by directly-impacted immigrants like the DACA recipients who changed their own destinies in 2012.  We support the work of legislators who advance progressive immigration goals and put pressure on those who exploit nativism and try to divide Black and Brown communities.

The Indivisible Project’s Statement on DACA Supreme Court Case

The challenge to this program comes as no surprise from an administration that has made cruelty the crux of its immigration agenda. Make no mistake--the efforts to eliminate DACA and similar programs are a part of the same unjust immigration policy that separated countless families at the border, threw kids into cages, shocked communities with workplace raids and shut down the government in an attempt to secure funding for a racist border wall.

The Indivisible Project’s Statement on Senate Vote to End Trump’s Emergency Declaration

This vote wasn't just a question of righting the past; as the administration publicly talks about stealing billions more next year, it has massive implications for the future too. As the Trump administration continues to erode Congress' constitutionally-granted ‘power of the purse’ to pursue his anti-immigrant agenda, what's really shocking is that every single Senator didn't vote in favor of ending the national emergency.