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National Grassroots Leadership Network Calls

Are you an Indivisible group leader who is excited to be a grassroots partner in our national strategy to win progressive victories and build lasting movement power– in your local community and nationwide? We invite you to join our monthly Grassroots Leadership Network Call! Each month, you’ll have opportunities to hear from our leadership team, policy experts, and guest speakers with timely information to help you make the most of Indivisible resources and support for planning local actions that get attention and advance your group’s movement goals. Monthly GLN calls are also a great space to be in community with other local group leaders who share your commitment to doing the work to win progress and create an inclusive democracy. 

Monthly calls are open to all currently active group leaders, co-leaders, leadership teams and steering committee members who are interested in supporting Indivisible’s national strategy and advocacy goals. For more information and to register for the next GLN call, please check out our Indivisible trainings and calls calendar here.

Indivisible group leaders who want to share ideas and stay connected online are invited to join our GLN Facebook group. Request to join here.