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Distributed Fundraising

Our distributed fundraising program provides your Indivisible group with the tools you need to fundraise and spend funds.

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    We make fundraising easy!

    Is lack of funding a barrier to your group’s work?  Has your group struggled with keeping track of donations and expenses? Would you like to be able to accept credit card donations and pay for group costs via a debit card?

    We’re excited to present a potential solution for you!

    Indivisible’s Distributed Fundraising program is a streamlined process for groups to fundraise without forming a board of directors, writing bylaws, registering as an independent organization, or seeking out 501(c)(4) status. As part of this process, we will provide you with:

    • An ActBlue page for supporters to donate directly to your group
    • A debit card to spend the funds you raise
    • Guidance and resources to help you maximize your fundraising
    • Access to information about who has donated to your group 
    • And a system for reporting and monitoring your group's spending

    Sign up here today, and reach out to with any questions.

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    I want to know if this program is a good fit for my group

    You can spend funds you raise through this program on general group costs like Zoom or a website, outreach and community events, advocacy work, and more. But because we are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, there are certain spending restrictions. Review our one pager to see if this program is right for your group! Image from Mary Jane Meadows of Indivisible Northeast Mississippi.

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    I want to fundraise with Distributed Fundraising

    We want to help you raise money to buy the things your group needs in your home turf. Select one person from your group to be the treasurer and fill out our application form. We’ll get in touch to start the onboarding process.

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    I Have Some Other Questions About Joining the Program

    Learn about treasurer duties, joining as an incorporated group, and more.

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    Spending Restrictions

    Because we are a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, there are certain spending restrictions. Learn about approved expenses, prohibited expenses, and those that require pre-approval.



    I Am Already Participating in Distributed Fundraising

  • Additional Resources
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    • Fundraising: ActBlue Frequently Asked Questions

      Answers to questions about editing your donation page, accepting check donations, accessing donor information, and more.

      Step 1
    • ActBlue Donation Page Guide

      In this resource, you’ll find information about managing your group’s donation page, including how to log in, find donor information, edit your page, and more.

      Step 2
    • ActBlue Features for Distributed Fundraising

      Watch a training video on all of the things ActBlue has to offer as part of the Distributed Fundraising program.

      Step 3
    • Why Monthly Gifts Matter

      Monthly recurring gifts are important to help build long-term support and raise more funds, and donors can easily set up monthly gifts through your ActBlue page! Dig in on monthly gifts and why they matter.

      Step 4
    • Sample Monthly Gift Email

      Personalize and use this sample email, or use it as inspiration to write your own.

      Step 5
    • Fundraising Principles

      You already have many of the skills necessary to raise money for your group, and we are here to help you put those skills into action. To start with the basics, we’ve outlined a few key principles to being an effective fundraiser.

      Step 6
    • Fundraising Pitch

      Creating effective talking points will help you can speak about your work in a condensed, compelling, and easily digestible way.

      Step 7
    • Donor Stewardship 101

      Donor stewardship is how you can manage and care for donors in order to build lasting relationships and improve donor retention.

      Step 8
    • 1:1 Fundraising Prospect Meetings

      Fundraising is just like organizing—it’s about building relationships through one-on-one conversations.

      Step 9
    • Virtual House Parties 101

      This guide will help you plan a house party that takes place virtually using an online meeting tool.

      Step 10
    • House Party 101: How to Put the “Fun” in Fundraising

      House parties are one fun and easy approach to start fundraising.

      Step 11
    • Fundraising Party Planning Checklist

      The following checklist can be used as a guide when creating your list of tasks to complete when planning your fundraising house party.

      Step 12
    • Sample Fundraising Event Invitation

      This resource outlines how to do that and includes a sample invite that you can customize for your event.

      Step 13
    • #GivingTuesday Campaign Guide

      #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

      Step 14
    • Digital Fundraising 101

      When used in combination with good communication strategy, digital fundraising is a great way to help your group raise the money it needs to make an even bigger impact.

      Step 15
    • Sample Fundraising Email

      This guide reviews big picture things to keep in mind when crafting your fundraising email.

      Step 16
    • Sample Fundraising Social Media Posts

      This resource focuses on the two biggest social media platforms for raising money, Twitter and Facebook, but can be adapted to work for other platforms as well.

      Step 17