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Image from Laura Zurfluh of Indivisible Cranbury

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We write to you today as a coalition of Indivisible groups, all of which are represented by Republican senators. We have regularly reached out to our senators to tell them how deeply we care about our country and how desperate the need is to build up a robust democracy that works for everyone. We have specifically pleaded with them to support both the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, two extremely popular bills among voters across the political spectrum. But we have been ignored.

  • Action Planning

We’re organizing a Week of Action from November 8 to November 13 to demand the Senate pass the Freedom To Vote Act, now. This toolkit will walk you through everything you need to host a powerful event.

  • Action Planning

Community Building Event Reimbursement Program Overview 

  • Fundraising & Grants

If you’re reading this guide, it’s most likely because you’re part of an Indivisible group who is somewhere along the path of working with other Indivisibles to build a statewide structure - a network, coalition, or other intentional system for working together to build power across the state.

  • State & Local
  • Building Political Power

IndivisiGather will be providing Indivisible group leaders reimbursements for community building events this fall. Learn more in this toolkit and start planning your event.

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