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Image from Laura Zurfluh of Indivisible Cranbury

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Every once in a while, there are moments when thousands of new, potential activists are actively looking to take action. Here are our best tips for recruiting new activists in this unique moment.

  • Action Planning

We want to provide all Indivisibles the knowledge and resources to be able to know your rights, prepare for and anticipate your needs, and in the unlikely event of hostility, have the tools to protect others and deescalate if possible.

  • Action Planning

We are launching a new, add-on program, “IndivisGather Plus,” geared towards groups collaborating through their State Structures/state networks to put on fun and educational events/activities that are coordinated statewide.

  • Fundraising & Grants

This planning guide is intended to help group leaders take stock of the current iteration of their groups and to support group leaders in setting goals, strategies, and, most importantly, tactics to build a successful, sustainable electoral plan for 2022.

  • Strategy & Sustainability

Community Building Event Reimbursement Program Overview 

  • Fundraising & Grants