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Strategy & Sustainability

National Grassroots Leadership Network Calls

Are you an Indivisible group leader who is excited to be a grassroots partner in our national strategy to win progressive victories and build lasting movement power– in your local community and nationwide? We invite you to join our monthly Grassroots Leadership Network Call!

Best Practices in Allyship During Difficult Times

Many white organizers feel awkward or uncertain about how to show up to support Black and brown communities under attack. And yet we all must show up. Even though it’s so much easier to stay quiet, well-intentioned silence is one of the many reasons our country has not moved forward. Here are some tips and best practices so you can be the best ally possible.

Recruiting for Your Indivisible Group

Indivisibles know that recruitment is a key component of building local power, but it is not always easy to meet and identify new potential activists or reactivate your existing list. It’s hard, intentional work (like anything that matters).

Hosting Virtual Events

The most important thing during the coronavirus outbreak is staying safe and healthy. Even though we can’t gather in large groups in person, our work to hold our elected officials accountable, build a more inclusive democracy, and be in community with our fellow activists is more important than ever.

What Does “Capacity-Building” Mean, Anyway?

Many nonprofits and progressive organizations use the term “capacity building” as a catch-all phrase to encompass all the ways an organization might increase its impact or political power over time. This resource outlines the capacity-building activities that are likely to fulfill the capacity-building requirement of the Indivisible GROW! Grant.