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Group Leader Toolkit: Introduction

Welcome! Hopefully you’re viewing this toolkit because you, we, and thousands of groups across the country are ready to stand indivisible. Groups are meeting to plan the resistance against Trump’s agenda, and making plans to visit the offices of their Members of Congress.

Some of you may be busy planning for your first group meeting, while others are trying to fit a discussion of the Indivisible guide into a packed agenda for your hundredth meeting. But regardless of how long you’ve been doing this or how many people are in your group, you’re not just a leader in that group—you’re an organizer.

So, What Is an Organizer?

An organizer is someone who brings people together and inspires them to take action. Organizers motivate and mobilize people; they build relationships with the people around them and they build a plan to act. They are leaders who lead from behind, always thinking about how they can get other people to do more.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do Right Now Is Spread the Word

Talk to people about your group, invite them to your next meeting, ask them to commit to join you, and follow up beforehand to make sure they are there. Then what? This toolkit includes materials to help you take the next step in your organizing journey, whether it’s your first step or just the most recent one:

  1. A sample agenda for your first organizing meeting to help your group divide up the work, make a bold plan, and put it into action.
  2. Ideas for keeping your meeting on track, so that you can make a great plan and help your group mobilize to execute it.
  3. A sign-in sheet for your meeting: organizing is all about relationships, and relationships are all about communication (see downloadable pdf).
  4. A potential first action plan so you and your group can start talking to your Members of Congress about standing up to Trump right away.
  5. Tricks of the trade for getting press coverage and spreading the word about your actions on social media, so that what your group does has as big an impact as possible.
  6. And information on watching out for right-wing tricks.

After your meetings, we want to hear from you! Take pictures of your group and share #StandIndivisible stories with us on Facebook and Twitter. Email us at to share what went well, what didn’t, and what else we can do to support your amazing work.

Remember: we can do this. We will win.