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Indivisible States: Summary

Here’s the quick-and-dirty summary of this document. While this page summarizes top-level takeaways, the full document describes how to actually carry out these activities.

Chapter 1: How State Legislatures Can Resist the Trump Agenda

We examine the opportunities that state legislatures provide to resist Trump and provide a progressive vision for the country, the tools that states have at their disposal to achieve these aims, and advocacy strategies for states with different political landscapes.

Chapter 2: How State Legislatures Work

Each state is entirely unique. In this chapter, we outline what motivates your state legislators, the similarities and differences in the policymaking process across various state legislatures, and resources for you to learn about your own state.

Chapter 3: Organizing Your State to Win

To maximize your effectiveness in state advocacy, you should organize both in your local community and across your state. By combining your collective Indivisible power, you can more effectively exert influence on your state legislature. But remember: in addition to organizing within the Indivisible movement, it’s critical to build coalitions and partnerships with existing organizations and impacted communities.

Chapter 4: Defining a Strategy in Your State

Once you learn about your state and organize, it’s time to think strategically and build an impactful campaign around state legislation. We provide some suggestions for how to prioritize the hundreds of bills moving in your state’s legislature, how to think about and plan your advocacy efforts strategically, and how to track bills as they move through the legislative process.

Chapter 5: Tactics for State Legislative Advocacy

Your activism toolbox is full of ways to make impact at the state level. We describe the key tactics that you and your group, as constituents, can use to great effect to impact the legislative committee process, lobby your legislators, and get media attention.

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