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Unrigging the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court – which is stacked with MAGA justices hand-picked by Republicans and dark money groups – is completely out of control.

  • What You Need to Know
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    We Must Act to Save Our Democracy

    In the Supreme Court's most recent term, the conservative majority:

    • Banned affirmative action in higher education
    • Made it more difficult to regulate polluters and keep our water clean
    • Overturned President Biden’s student debt relief plan
    • Allowed business owners to discriminate against LGBTQ+ people 

    And that’s on top of the damage the conservatives did last term, when they struck down countless gun safety laws, made it easier for polluters to contaminate our air, and overturned Roe v. Wade, leaving millions of people without access to reproductive health care. 

    Not to mention that some of those conservative justices have been found to be engaging in highly questionable and corrupt behavior off the bench, accepting lavish gifts from billionaires who donate to MAGA Republicans or have business pending in front of the Court. 

    SCOTUS can no longer be trusted to uphold our fundamental rights, or even to follow even the most basic ethical standards. But, the Supreme Court is not untouchable. Congress has a constitutional duty to perform oversight over the Court and reform it as necessary. Refusing to do so only emboldens corruption. 

    We need to fight back against this extreme, right-wing Court. Our Members of Congress must do everything in their power to hold justices who engage in blatantly corrupt behavior accountable and institute structural Supreme Court reforms, like expansion.

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      Take Action

      Learn about the bills we are supporting and the actions you can take to stop right-wing SCOTUS justices from stripping our rights and stop them from engaging in increasingly corrupt behavior.

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      Talking Points and Messaging

      Our overall messaging framework focuses on holding justices who engage in blatantly corrupt behavior accountable and the need for instituting structural Supreme Court reforms.

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      Planning District Office Visits

      District office visits are a great choice for an action. You can customize them to fit the tone and message and they’re effective with both large and small groups of people.

  • The Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act
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    Now in The Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act
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    Holding Justices Accountable

    Congress must pass the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act (SCERT) to create meaningful and enforceable ethical guidelines for SCOTUS as well as a binding code of conduct for all justices. The Supreme Court is supposed to be a fair arbiter of the law and the constitution, not a vending machine that grants favors to billionaires.

  • The Judiciary Act of 2023
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    Now in The Judiciary Act of 2023
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    Expanding the Court

    The only way to save our constitutional and civil rights is to expand the Supreme Court by passing the Judiciary Act of 2023. We know it may seem radical to suggest a major structural change to one of our democracy’s most critical institutions. But that institution, the Supreme Court, has already been irreparably broken by special interests and partisans.

  • Thank Our Democracy Defenders
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    Now in Thank Our Democracy Defenders
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    Thank Our Democracy Defenders

    As we push our Democratic Members of Congress to safeguard our democracy and support reforms to the Supreme Court, it’s also important to acknowledge the Members of Congress who have already cosponsored both the Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal. and Transparency Act (SCERT) and the Judiciary Act of 2023.