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Image from Laura Zurfluh of Indivisible Cranbury

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We know elections—especially primaries—can be intimidating. We also know that an endorsement, done correctly, is one of our most powerful tools for change. This guide demystifies the process, with advice on how best to engage in both primary and general elections.

  • Building Political Power

Bird-dogging is a powerful tactic used by grassroots activists to get candidates and elected officials on the record about important issues. Grassroots constituents like you can often get officials to say things they would never reveal in a more structured interview. Such revelations are vital as we turn our attention to the presidential candidates and attempt to learn what they really think, and will really do, about core issues like health care, democracy reform, immigration and climate. Let’s bird-dog our candidates out of the bush and into the light of accountability!

  • Action Planning

The resource provides general guidelines on bird-dogging language suggestions based on our priority issue areas. While this guide can help you focus your questions and elicit the right answers, remember that your voice is the essential ingredient. Use these tips, but always remember to speak from your own experience and values.

  • Action Planning

This page is an outline of the approach and commitment of the Nationally Coordinated Network (NCN) to racial equity and inclusion.

  • National Campaigns Network

The Agreement sets forth the terms under which local Indivisible groups can participate in the EveryAction Data-Sharing program

  • Tools & Software