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Image from Laura Zurfluh of Indivisible Cranbury

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EveryAction (also known as EA) is, at its core, a volunteer and event management tool. It integrates with our voter contact tool, MyVoters (also known as VAN), so groups can combine information from their membership lists with the data that lives in the national voter file.

  • Tools & Software
  • Building Political Power

Many nonprofits and progressive organizations use the term “capacity building” as a catch-all phrase to encompass all the ways an organization might increase its impact or political power over time. This resource outlines the capacity-building activities that are likely to fulfill the capacity-building requirement of the Indivisible GROW! Grant. 

  • Strategy & Sustainability

Congratulations! Your local group has just secured a national endorsement for an awesome candidate. But now what? While this is an incredibly important step, Indivisibles know that just simply saying your group endorses a candidate won’t get them over the finish line. What’s meaningful about an endorsement is the commitment of real work behind it. And together, we will deliver.

  • Building Political Power

With the importance of social distancing and limiting mass gatherings, Indivisible leaders need to cancel in-person meetings and large-scale events to protect members from exposure to the coronavirus and stop the spread across their communities.

  • Strategy & Sustainability

We are ecstatic to be providing a streamlined process for you to fundraise for costs associated with your Indivisible group. Indivisible’s Distributed Fundraising program is a streamlined process for groups to fundraise without going through the hullabaloo of forming a board of directors, writing bylaws, registering as an independent organization, or seeking out 501(c)(4) status.

  • Fundraising & Grants