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Action Planning

Safety, Security, Rights & Conflict Deescalation

We want to provide all Indivisibles the knowledge and resources to be able to know your rights, prepare for and anticipate your needs, and in the unlikely event of hostility, have the tools to protect others and deescalate if possible. Please read and share this resource widely, and revisit it as needed for future event planning.

February Recess: Democracy Defenders Toolkit

February recess is coming up, which means it’s time to get loud. From February 13-February 21, members of Congress get a break from their work in Washington D.C. to spend time in their districts talking to constituents (that’s why it’s technically called a “district work period”).

Hosting Virtual Events

The most important thing during the coronavirus outbreak is staying safe and healthy. Even though we can’t gather in large groups in person, our work to hold our elected officials accountable, build a more inclusive democracy, and be in community with our fellow activists is more important than ever.