In any given state legislative session, hundreds or thousands of bills may be moving at the same time. A big challenge for new state advocates can be simply choosing what legislation to work on when it’s impossible to work on everything.
Trump has crossed one red line in the Mueller investigation, and he could cross others. But now that the Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives, we can demand that they prioritize using their new powers to hold Trump accountable and investigate his obstruction of justice.
Learn how to collaborate with Indivisible groups across your state to maximize the effectiveness of your advocacy.
Members of Congress care enormously about local media. The op-ed sections of local newspapers are one of the most influential pieces of real estate in the local media.
This November, Idahoans have the opportunity to expand Medicaid and bring health care to 62,000 Idahoans at the ballot box by voting YES on Prop 2 to on November 6, 2018.
This November, Prop 305 will attempt to drain funds from the Arizona public school system. This explainer will explain why Arizonans should vote NO on Prop 305.
This November, vote YES on Florida’s Amendment 4 to give 1.4 million Floridians a second chance.
This explainer will provide a brief overview of Proposal 2, background of Michigan’s elections maps and what you can do to help pass this measure.
This explainer will provide a brief overview of the neighborhood safety amendment and why Ohioans should support the ballot measure and vote yes! 
This explainer will provide brief overview of the ballot measure Constitutional Amendment 2: Unanimous Jury Verdicts
This explainer will provide a brief overview of homecare for all, the benefits for Mainers and what you can do to help pass the measure in November.
This explainer will provide a brief overview on I-1631, what it takes to pass the measure and why Washingtonians should vote yes!