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The fact that in the year 2021, we are still constantly fighting against conservative extremists trying to take over the bodily autonomy of pregnant people is exhausting and infuriating.


When we fought to defeat Donald Trump, we fought for a just and humane immigration system that treats asylum-seekers with dignity. These events demonstrate all too painfully that the abuses of the...


Indivisible joined leading progressive organizations in urging Democratic Congressional leadership to ensure that robust Medicare drug price negotiations and stronger Medicare dental, vision and...


Inaction, further delay, and procedural excuses are unacceptable. Immigrants need citizenship now.


Today the Energy & Commerce Committee had the opportunity to deliver on those long held Democratic policy priorities—and President Biden’s vision for recovery—but Representatives Rice,...


It’s encouraging to see Senate Democrats negotiate and nail down the substance on a long-overdue voting rights bill. The Freedom to Vote Act would make critical reforms that Indivisibles have been...


The inclusion of paid family and medical leave, home health, and a much needed expansion of Medicare benefits are crucial to creating a full care economy and a fair recovery. That's why it is...


While ending the war and bringing our troops home is an important first step, it is just one step of many that needs to be taken. The debt we owe to the Afghan people is vast.


The decision by the conservative supermajority on the Supreme Court to allow Texas’ barbaric abortion ban to take effect will be catastrophic for reproductive healthcare in Texas and beyond.


It is clear that political outcomes are more important to the conservative justices than upholding the Constitution or the law.