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This Executive Order will massively ramp up production of clean energy technology and infrastructure, create good jobs with strong labor standards, and spur the creation of a just energy system...


Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s victory is monumental. It’s a victory for the organizers, activists, and people of Oregon’s 5th district, who proved that no flood of corporate cash could drown out their...


Last night, 192 “Pro-Life” House Republicans voted against formula for starving babies (H.R. 7790). Here are their names.


Republican Senators, even the ones who lie and claim to be pro-choice, are heartless scumbags who clearly couldn‘t care less about protecting the constitutional rights of the American people....


 Abortion is popular, and yet these attacks persist, because in addition to eroding access to reproductive care, the Supreme Court has also rigged the rules by gutting critical democracy...


It’s not often we can describe a Senate vote as ‘joyous,’ but that’s exactly what this was – for the first time in the Supreme Court’s 233-year history, a Black woman will serve as a justice.


President Biden’s decision to end Title 42 is a testament to his belief in humane treatment for the most vulnerable. Originally put in place by the Trump administration, Title 42 cruelly blocked...


Today, Indivisible announced its endorsement of Delia Ramirez in the race for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.


We are pleased to see that President Biden’s FY23 Budget reflects his commitment to investing in the American people and ensuring the wealthiest individuals and corporations start paying their...


As the Senate moves closer to a floor vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, two things are blatantly obvious: her qualifications are impeccable and despite that,...