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We are so relieved by the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin. It is a step forward in our fight to dismantle white supremacy and fix the broken justice system. We stop short of...


This bill was not drafted in a vacuum. It is a direct response to the radical maneuvers undertaken by Trump and McConnell over the last four years to transform the court from an apolitical...


We are holding close the people of Minnesota, a state still reeling from the effects of police violence and the murder of George Floyd. ​


Indivisible applauds the Congressional Progressive Caucus for their hard work and leadership in the fight to make the American Rescue Plan as bold and progressive as possible.


To put it simply: Governor Kemp and his fellow Republicans in the state legislature’s decision to rush S.B. 202 last night was racially motivated and an act of cowardice after the record-high...


We have worked to get nearly every Democrat to cosponsor this bill in the Senate, and we will keep fighting until it gets an up or down vote on the Senate floor.


We are sending love and solidarity to everyone who is suffering today in the face of this horrific act of racist violence.


There is no Republican currently in the Senate who has shown an interest in doing what is needed to fix our democracy. So we must move forward by any means necessary--no excuses.


Every single Republican Congressperson and Senator voted against an enormously popular and necessary package. Every Republican voted against survival checks, extended unemployment, and lower...


We urge the House to quickly pass this package to deliver overdue relief, but must acknowledge that if Democrats had realized the power of their majority and eliminated the filibuster, Americans...