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The Indivisible movement showed up, did the work, and made history.


Amy Coney Barrett is a threat to the health and safety of millions of Americans. Mitch McConnell and the Republican Senate are a threat to the health and safety of our very democracy. And despite...


Republicans just voted Amy Coney Barrett out of committee with no Democrats present. This is further proof that the entire process is an illegitimate sham.


Several targeted districts feature Indivisible-endorsed House candidates, and some feature hotly-contested Senate or Presidential fights.


As these sham hearings conclude, Indivisible is proud to announce that we hit our goal for total voter contacts nearly three weeks early—20 million voter contact attempts, four times what we drove...


While we work to resoundingly defeat Donald Trump in this election, preparing to also protect the results of this election isn’t just reasonable, it’s necessary.


The idea that Amy Coney Barrett could replace RBG on the Supreme Court is an insult to RBG’s life and legacy. But Amy Coney Barrett isn’t the point: The fact that Republicans in the Senate are...


Breonna Taylor should be alive today, and her killers should have been fired and prosecuted for her murder. Light, tangential charges for one officer in the case are a mockery of justice. Today’s...


It is clear what should happen now: we should mourn, we should honor her legacy, and we should allow the people to decide who will nominate her replacement. With voting already underway in states...


THRIVE Agenda creates millions of new jobs while addressing intersecting crises of climate change, racial injustice, and economic inequity