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As we’ve said from the beginning, there is no democracy reform in the world that Senate Republicans will support. And early this morning, Republicans proved it again, by voting against bringing...


This budget resolution is the first step towards realizing the demands that Indivisibles and activists across the country have been fighting for: an inclusive recovery bill that invests in our...


Once again, the For the People Act finds itself at a critical juncture. With the news that the Census data used in the congressional map-drawing process will now be released on Thursday, it is now...


Today, finally, after wasting time and delaying recovery for the American people, Republicans will vote to move forward with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF). Let us be clear, this...


We’re tired of watching this game, so certainly Senate Democrats are getting tired of playing it. Pass a bold reconciliation bill that rebuilds our economy, and doesn’t need Republican votes. Kill...


This morning, joining leaders from United We Dream and other immigrant leaders and allies at a press conference in...


More than 25 groups urge Democratic leadership to reject harmful pay-for provisions in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework that would privatize our public infrastructure.


Any recovery package must address mass unemployment, racial injustice, a public health crisis, and climate change.


If the President wishes to become a historic figure on the order of an LBJ, he’ll have to rise to the historic challenge he so accurately describes. But he will not succeed in passing this bill if...


Today, Indivisible released the following statement outlining the three things they hope to see from President Biden during his speech on Tuesday in Philadelphia on voting rights.