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It’s encouraging to see Senate Democrats negotiate and nail down the substance on a long-overdue voting rights bill. The Freedom to Vote Act would make critical reforms that Indivisibles have been...


The inclusion of paid family and medical leave, home health, and a much needed expansion of Medicare benefits are crucial to creating a full care economy and a fair recovery. That's why it is...


While ending the war and bringing our troops home is an important first step, it is just one step of many that needs to be taken. The debt we owe to the Afghan people is vast.


The decision by the conservative supermajority on the Supreme Court to allow Texas’ barbaric abortion ban to take effect will be catastrophic for reproductive healthcare in Texas and beyond.


It is clear that political outcomes are more important to the conservative justices than upholding the Constitution or the law.


We will continue to fight alongside progressives to make sure the Senate passes the reconciliation bill before final passage of a smaller infrastructure package.


We need the John Lewis Voting Rights Act signed into law, along with the For the People Act, as soon as is humanly possible -- without these bills, there will be no end to the GOP’s march towards...


As the House returns to Washington, progressive coalition targets conservative Democrats holding up Biden’s agenda


The primary threat to the Supreme Court as an institution isn’t a mystery: it's the manipulation of the Court by partisan actors and external, dark-money organizations, including the theft of two...


It is absolutely unacceptable that in the face of mass unemployment, racial injustice, a pandemic, a broken health care system, and the climate crisis these members are refusing to provide...