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Biden $1 Billion Arms Deal with Israeli Military

The announcement that the administration would move forward with a $1 billion arms sale to the Israeli military undermines what should be a clear message. The horror faced by Palestinians in Gaza demands more urgency. The US must halt offensive arms transfers and exert significant diplomatic pressure to secure a ceasefire, now.

Indivisible calls on US Lawmakers to Oppose the Invasion of Rafah

Netanyahu’s ‘Rafah invasion no matter what’ posture cannot stand. U.S. weapons and security aid cannot support Netanyahu’s invasion of Rafah, which would amount to the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. We call on U.S. lawmakers to withhold arms transfers, to enforce U.S. and international laws, to follow through on the commitments of Biden’s National Security Memorandum, and to use every ounce of diplomatic leverage to prevent this accelerating nightmare.

House Passage of the Foreign Aid Package

We thank those principled No votes for opposing the failed strategy of providing unconditional military aid to Netanyahu’s war in Gaza. It’s past time for a different approach. Indivisible continues to call for the US government to use significant leverage, including enforcing existing US laws that condition foreign assistance, to get a ceasefire in place.

Indivisible on Arizona Republicans' Blockage of 1864 Abortion Ban Repeal

"Arizona Republicans blocking a repeal of an 1864 abortion ban today is the least shocking thing to happen in politics today. The bans are the point. Donald Trump, Kari Lake, and the rest of the Republican party are leading a nationwide crusade to undermine reproductive rights and personal freedoms. And this is exactly what they envisioned when they celebrated the end of Roe. Make no mistake: Republicans like Donald Trump and Kari Lake did this."

Senator Durbin Issuing a Subpoena for Leonard Leo

The entire country has been waiting too long for Durbin to take action, and subpoenaing Leonard Leo without simultaneously subpoenaing Harlan Crow is a half-baked attempt at doing his job as Judiciary Chair.